Darai then called son of India, said he would like to become a citizen of India-actv

Darai said the "son of India" was said to be a citizen of India original title: Darai called "son of India" living poor hateful friends lament Darai map according to "Tibet independence" media "voice of Tibet" reported that recently, the third "India concept summit opened in India Goa, Darai congratulated by video. In the video, Darai said he was the son of India. Darai said, I am the son of India. For the past 57 years, my body has survived by rice and lentils in India. This is not the first time that Darai has claimed to be the son of India. From 2009 to the present, Darai has claimed to be the son of India at least 15 times in public. In 2009, Darai told VOA even said he is willing to become a citizen of India, said: "Darai said, he felt his essence is an Indian, he believes that if the conditions are right, if he felt the spiritual leader of India and the people of India need him, he will strive to become a citizen of India. Mr Darai said he wanted to consult with his own people, because if he became a citizen of India, the Tibetans would also be citizens of India." 2009 Hongkong sun Darai commented, "her, completely lost as a Chinese qualification, thoroughly exposed the true face of the back group of treason". "Since Darai’s title is the central government of the central government also canonized, the title can be removed completely". The figure for Shunzhi fourteen years (AD 1657) issued by the emperor Darai V sent condolences to the imperial edict lama. The picture from 2011 xinhuanet.com Yiduo in "Darai in India busy what? "Criticism, Darai (said he is the son of India) move too far, too ugly, too ashamed. India Yiduo said, so far from the official to the people, no one is willing to recognize Darai’s son, sadly, even the "Darai group" inside from top to bottom, no one is willing to follow him to the "son of India" or "India sun" ". On this issue, Darai has been on the "lone, body and shadow comforting each other". In 2009 World "Darai the" dizzy the inevitable failure of Darai in recent years, often claiming to be the "son of India" and the fathers — Zangnan local "dedication" to India, to be exposed. In this regard, netizens generally criticized Darai to India when her son "move is completely"". Some netizens said, "since Darai claimed the" son of India ", you don’t have to Chinese thing about" netizens described Darai as "no political capital refers to the" Tramp ", again and again three to recognize India as a" father "is probably worried about India and kicked him out." "poor, such disgusting". President Mao Zedong met with the fourteen world a photo of Darai, the ten Panchen Lama et al. Pictures from Tibet, China (Tibet, China network text white) Save Save Save editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: