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"Decryption" as the first theme of American TV drama "Chen Xuedong landing decryption" theme drama first landed in the United States the U.S. local time on the evening of November 2nd, Twelfth American Film Festival held a grand opening ceremony of "Golden Angel Award" awards ceremony, starring Chen Xuedong, Ying Er [micro-blog] [micro-blog and Tang Guoqiang "decryption" "starring" Begonia still "won the best drama Golden Angel award, Director Ann with" decryption "won the Golden Angel Chinese best director award. In June of this year hit the main theme of the drama "decryption", in the broadcast time for story logic, Chen Xuedong encountered problems such as acting users tucao. This drama recently exposed heavy news – "decryption" after the award has been established on GETV (Global Oriental TV), let the audience understand China hero legend. This is also the theme of the domestic war drama aired in the United States for the first time. "Decryption" adapted from Chinese spyfiction father Mak world famous novel of the same name, by ANN, directed by famous spy playwright Feng Ji Chen Xuedong, screenwriter, Ying Er, Guo Jingfei and other interpretation. This drama tells the story of Rong Jinzhen into the mysterious organization of 701 troops, eight from a teenager to Holi with a resolute warrior in the great secret front, play a mathematical genius cracked the super password purple and black. Decryption in the first round of domestic broadcast, the ratings of the country’s first, the whole network over 6 billion hits, but there is a big controversy in the word of mouth. Chen Xuedong starred in a high IQ and low emotional intelligence mathematical genius. This is not good at communicating with people’s genius has several hobbies, the number of ants, eat dumplings and computation. Some viewers said that Chen Xuedong’s is not a silly genius, but a fool wise man. "War Spy + fermentation Youth Idol" this combination of success is controversial. Such disputes more than decryption, followed this year, decrypt the "sparrow" "rouge" are faced with similar questions. However, Chupin Huace chairman Fu Binxing an interview with this reporter said, for the main theme of drama, the Sino US 90 has a high degree of acceptance. To the international company to promote decryption mode, or to select some of the two countries after 90 young people can accept things. In addition, the "The Legend of Zhen Huan" aired in the United States, because of translation problems caused controversy. Huace said yesterday in an interview with this reporter, "decryption" aired in the United States is subtitled broadcast, translation does not exist big changes and ambiguity. The theme of the show will not change, please rest assured. This reporter exclusive dialogue decrypt the director of security – so that the American audience to accept the Chinese style hero decryption is an opportunity for this reporter yesterday’s exclusive dialogue with the United States to accept the award of the director of security. For the main theme of the TV show to be broadcast on the U.S. television station, said Ann, which is an American audience to understand the beginning of Chinese hero. Reporter: as the main theme of the TV series, "decryption" in the United States to win the prize, what do you think now? Ann: actually, Mr. Mak wrote the original novel "decryption" in the international influence is great)相关的主题文章: