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Deep grilled summer strange situation: domestic animation movie box office reputation to have last year, a "return" wu-k’ung turned out to give a lot of expectations of the audience made animated film the rise of an agent of chicken. This year, a number of domestic animation blockbusters get together summer stalls, but did not appear the same reputation of the box office double harvest explosion". Look back this summer cartoon, as if suffering from a "reputation at the box office can not have both" strange disease. Gains 500 million at the box office of the "big fish" Begonia, because the story has been weak. Word of mouth still "demon throne", at the box office is only about 24000000. Once high hopes of domestic animation film, it seems that in this summer file was back to prototype". So, why does this summer file appear "thunder big, raindrop is small" circumstance? Before the "fellow" hit the file after the import of large rolling is probably from "king return" to see the domestic animation film "sell" in the hope that this summer (6-8 months) film get together, a total of 16 domestic animated film. Sitting on the children’s day of the June 6 film, but all badly at the box office box office total add up to only 284 million yuan. In August 7, to the later, become the domestic animation film "main battlefield", "big fish," Begonia "rock dog" and other animated film are selected in this period of time release. However, the box office performance, only the "big fish" Begonia film "thriving", gains 565 million at the box office, other domestic animation movie box office were not billions of dollars. "The return" box office success last year nearly 1 billion of this year’s performance can only use two words to describe "flat". Due to the blowout of the new film, this summer file has a lot of domestic animation films have suffered a collision". Children’s Day day, "war", "animal and plant fruit baby fruit mobilization", "fight the Dragon Warrior star India compass" three get together and release the film, but was badly at the box office box office "wildlife wars" even only 1 million 450 thousand. In July 8th, the summer’s most popular "big fish" and "rock star". The same day release. In July 22nd, the domestic film "the boy born" hedgehog thorn, "young touts the big Yu treasure" and imported tablets "A Doraemon: Nobita’s new · the birth of Japan" same day release. August 22nd, "demon throne", "the new bulk of the first father and son of a talent" and "2 auspicious baby I am the God of cookery" three Chinese movies "hit the file again". In order to avoid the "compatriots" shopping, "McDull · rice," four treasure Raiders "Kung Fu Man" and other animated movies have changed to "escape", the Mid Autumn Festival opens. Nevertheless, still in the summer shopping stalls hit movie box office is not optimistic, in addition to 500 million at the box office of the "big fish" Begonia and about 87000000 at the box office "new bulk of the first father and son 2", the majority of domestic films have declared one at the box office. If the schedule dispute belongs to internal problems, so many imported airborne tablets can be said to be "foreign aggression". Due to the opening of the domestic film protection quietly open, many imported animation films are aimed at the summer file. Submarine mobilization 2:.相关的主题文章: