Defense Three Kingdoms and war star app billboard; Zhao Han Clara three women —

Defense "Three Kingdoms" and "war" star APP   billboard; Zhao Han’s three – yingzi variable game original title: "Three Kingdoms" defense "war" star Zhao Han APP billboard Clara avatar three women in September 10th, micro APP variety show "by the Tencent application treasure exclusive broadcast Title Star APP billboard on schedule in the nine TV network. The program invited to "beauty queen" Zhao Han Sakura Ko and the embodiment of the strong to help out, "three women" and the host Yining each take a team in the program, combined with the theme of "Three Kingdoms" open Mobile Games defense "three war". Figure 1: Zhao Han yingzi help defense "Three Kingdoms" in the "star APP billboard", with the theme of "defense program group game Three Kingdoms" SNH48 six members are divided into two teams, led by Zhao Han, Roland, and Yuan Danni temperature Jingjie team, the host asked, Chen Ning lead He Xiaoyu and Jiang Yun formed another team, the two teams were the "miles", "Tower Defense three guess", "army" and "the female" four big game "battlefield" confrontation, intense battle to the two teams in the Three Kingdoms game break to turn the tide, and strive to "unite the world". Figure 2: "three women" game to say "the most striking beauty tower defense Three Kingdoms" in the game, it must be non Diao Chan and Joe, the two beauty not only has a beautiful appearance, more enviable partner, Lv Bu Wu world crown, Zhou Yuzhi. In the program of the last round of "three women" in the game, Zhao Han Clara group represents Missy team, a group of representative Diao Chan Ning team to conduct on-site Shuangmei confrontation. The two teams respectively by pressing plate, put on a foot on the bag burst five balloons removed after his team will represent the ability cards with little time reentrant starting point, the final team to win, Zhao Han Clara rolling three a grades Ning team to get the final victory. It is worth mentioning that the "Three Kingdoms" is a large-scale epic tower defense strategy web game of a three theme. The game is based on the background of the Three Kingdoms, three reproduce this is full of heroism, and surge high and sweep forward the history of the story, the game screen is fresh, beautiful, exquisite, innovative and diverse, fun to play. At the same time, there will be 500 historical Wu gorgeous debut, 90 historical maps are vividly reproduced, all the famous three characters and classic battle, everything in the game, game player can put one of the three stars together, build a quartet, the dream army attack cities and capture territories. It is reported that the "star APP billboard" break through the traditional mode of show innovation to build the first domestic outdoor reality show variety of micro column, "Internet plus entertainment" and combine traditional TV, with APP as the core, and recommended the interpretation of star out of the ordinary mobile lifestyle, become the popularity of mobile Internet knowledge and understanding of APP channel. The innovative entertainment distribution, but also for developers to open up a new marketing channel. At the same time, star APP Fengyun list will be regularly in Chongqing, Southeast, Hebei, Hubei, Jilin, Jiangxi, Shaanxi, Guangxi, Tianjin and other nine TV broadcast. (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: