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Difficult to adjust or resist the whole market type FOF issue Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The newspaper reporter intern reporter Jiang Qinshi raised the FOF guidelines is expected to recently introduced. The reporter learned of the situation, on a larger scale, more complete product line of the fund company, due to the internal FOF products to avoid the problem of double charge, and are more likely to start research, so it is more favored. But the industry believes that the public offering of the whole market FOF products is the true meaning of FOF. Internal FOF can save costs due to the specificity of FOF products, its dual charges has been the industry’s attention. The high cost of the industry raised concerns about the public offering of FOF sales. From this perspective, raised internal FOF can avoid this problem. In June the introduction of the draft stipulates: FOF manager of the other part of their holdings of FOF fund management, management fees shall be charged at the FOF level; the other part of the fund custodian FOF FOF holds its hosting, hosting fees shall be charged; FOF FOF fund managers who use other property purchase management. And the manager shall not charge subscription fees, redemption fees, sales service fees and other selling expenses. The above provisions directly to avoid the dual charges of internal FOF products, it is learned that this is also to prevent the transfer of benefits and measures taken. TX Investment Research Center Director Jia Zhi said, the charge is an important problem, the cost increases will devour profits and even the principal, the biggest advantage is that there is no internal FOF two charges. However, the key to the development of FOF products are also FOF asset allocation capabilities and performance returns. Penghua Fund deputy director of quantitative research and quantitative derivatives investment department Chen Long said that the investment management fund management FOF product itself can actually avoid the problem of double charge. For the management of their own funds and the difference between the industry is not significant, such as index funds, as far as possible to choose their own management of the fund. In addition, from the marketing point of view, FOF is also a new marketing model, through the FOF can indirectly promote the investment of the underlying fund marketing. Taking into account the current high cost of traditional fund marketing, in the design of FOF products, fund companies have the power to set the lowest possible rates, as much as possible to reduce the operating costs of FOF. On the current release of the draft, only on the internal FOF charges made the relevant provisions of the external type of public offering of FOF products has not yet solved the problem of charges. At present, the reporter learned that the situation, many fund companies in order to reduce the rate, will be more consideration of the issue of external FOF index products. The difficulty of issuing external FOF has the biggest advantage of FOF is to solve the problem of asset allocation. Relative to the brokerage and private equity, public fund companies are more professional and comprehensive asset management institutions, public fund products are also rich in asset allocation to facilitate the realization of. Chenlonglun相关的主题文章: