Dimension wall and crack! Two dimensional painting and the perfect integration of the three dimensio-下北glory days

Dimension wall and crack! Two dimensional and three dimensional painting photo perfect fusion of two dimensional and three dimensional world, although the world has a wall, but many warriors are trying to break through the wall, recently a "demon treasure dream" painting hand with his exquisite techniques, the success of the two dimension and three dimension picture fusion hand. The use of hand painted a three dimensional landscapes, drawing out the two dimension and two dimension character roles, and three dimensional real perfect fusion, let us take a look at her painting process! First off the line in the three dimension. Put forward the draft, draw, paint. Put some of the color of the manuscript back to the three dimensional background map. The background to deal with, draw lines, and in-depth processing role. Processing to the background and the role of the basic integration. Snow the surrounding landscape. The finished, two dimensional and three dimensional perfect fusion, there is no sense of violation and! The Japanese House commented: "the picture and the picture is not clear, the feeling is very incredible, both the reality of the United States and the United States has a painting, it is very good!" "To the back of the steps can not tell where the picture is where the painting." The whole picture is very attractive, the painting can not only look at the characters, or to see the screen effect ah!" Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: