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Ding Taos: to address the positive significance of the Fallen – 360 cloud disk technology Sohu before the 360 cloud disk released announcement, announced the decision to stop service transformation, personal cloud services, cloud disk upload service since November 1st to stop, February 1, 2017 to close all cloud account and empty data, today to February 1, 2017, membership the remaining number of users all day, have a full refund. Originally agreed to white, but early 360 cloud disk and hand. In fact, prior to this, Sina micro disk, Kingsoft disk, SkyDrive UC, HUAWEI SkyDrive have closed. 360 cloud disk will shut down, cloud disk have shut down everyone to accept? 360 cloud disk will shut down, it is difficult to stick to their positions in the end what is the reason? 360 cloud disk will shut down, personal cloud storage market is the future? 360 cloud disk will shut down, launched a membership fee for service will be inevitable? In view of the above questions of concern to the industry. At 3:30 on the afternoon of October 26, 2016, Chinese Radio International, the global information broadcast program "" invited me to visit, and the majority of users to chat together on why they have withdrawn from the "cloud cloud Era" is really the end of the topic. I have long said, cloud characteristics of high input and high technical standards based on the payment mode in the future must be the mainstream, because only pay, just have the money to provide services, R & D investment construction and operation of cloud service base, to continue to protect the safe and efficient service to us. So, the 360 cloud disk down we need not sad, we should face the positive significance of the fallen 360 cloud disk, 360 cloud disk down to just Chinese cloud services market release of a positive signal: cloud service fee era coming! The following is the program essence Abstract: Moderator: October 22nd, SkyDrive suddenly issued 360 the announcement, decided to stop the personal cloud disk services, cloud disk storage for those accustomed to 360 friends, the news as a bolt from the blue. For many years, we have been accustomed to their own life photos, lossless music stored in the 360 cloud disk conveniently, now, there is no sign of the 360 cloud disk will be closed, although the official gives a very ample time for data transfer, but many of the old user stock too much, enormous data flow the resulting network jam. Many users have expressed dissatisfaction: "say good forever where?!" this want to take photos and videos stored inside for posterity, did not think I can hardly see! "360 cloud disk to be taken by surprise this trick everyone seems to be unable to accept,? Ding Tao: 360 be responsible the enterprise, not suddenly announced to stop the service, but leave a buffer period of several months, this a few months time enough for us users to download the data to a local disk or transfer to other cloud storage. However, 360 of the free strategy has been deeply rooted in the hearts of our users accustomed to using a variety of free products under the banner of the 360, and now suddenly found that the cloud disk can not be used after the natural emotional temporarily unable to accept it. The host: "permanent free, unlimited capacity" personal SkyDrive said it turned over face, shutting down I相关的主题文章: