Ding Xuanning only losers and winners in the investment market, resulting in the confusion of you! boee

Ding Xuanning: only losers and winners in the investment market, resulting in the confusion of you! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Like Shakya Muni Buddha said: "no matter who you meet, he is the person of your life, not by chance, he will teach you something". I also believe that: "no matter where I go, it is the place for me, I should experience some things, I met the person" in every one who read this article, thanks to meet you! There are a lot of investment friends ask, ask how to do next week ask how to do, a list, ask how the technology forms, ask how to do long-term, all similar problems almost every day to repeat N times, but I still have the patience to answer, in addition to those who always let me prove the strength of the people, I said that the strength of this thing, I can’t everyone that I have, I can not say their lobbyists, every day how strong the strength of strong, as a result to the actual operation dumbfounded regardless of how the market changes, you must follow the principle of trade, we are buying near key support, In the vicinity of the key resistance to sell, the middle point, we try not to do a single, steady earnings. The middle point to do a single, the risk is big, the profit is small, do not think that you want to do a long line, but, your long-term direction to determine the right, you can take so long? In this market, we make the difference is the market turbulence, overestimate low residue is always our whole idea of every day, maybe some time will be broken, the market reversed, but the vast majority of the market is the main shock, as long as strictly with a good stop, strictly optimistic about the goal, then you completely without fear what, earn several times, once sweep loss. Technology is the survival of the delegate to fish as delegate to fish, a small broad is the real charm of investment, grasp the profit is the fundamental financial holding! First, investors must be in a calm mood, emotional control, control their emotions, sudden changes in the market, we must calmly, otherwise it will hesitate and miss the opportunity. In "the best able to prepare to deal with all kinds of possibilities, so in the face of this mutation does not feel too surprised and helpless, lost themselves to blame blame the teacher, or blame their bad luck, in Xuan Ning seems investment is not luck, luck is only temporary, the technology is the focus of the overall profit is greater than a momentary loss. Two, start from small transactions, for investors entering the market, we must start from the small-scale transactions, and the choice of price volatility is relatively stable species involved, and gradually master the trading rules and the accumulation of experience, to increase the size of the trade, and select the price of volatile species. Three, avoid quick, transactions should not bring instant success desire. Investors in the transaction should not be based on their own subjective desire to enter the market, the successful investors will generally be separated from their own emotions and trading activities, so as not to market trends and personal wishes contrary to bear the risk of heavy. Four, ready to accept failure, margin investment is high risk相关的主题文章: