Duthel Te only China is helping us-vidown

Duthel Te: only Chinese for us, thanks to the generosity of China Du Ritter China generous help build great rehabilitation center of the original title: Duthel Te complained that Aquino did not leave much like Chinese generous help build rehabilitation center [global network reporter Han Mei] although President Duthel Te of Philippines in the South China Sea issue of Chinese attitude is to act tough and talk soft but now. The president, say thank you to Chinese. "Thank you, China", Philippines "Rappler" news website in September 9th to start with the report. "Rappler" reported that Duthel Te praised China, praise for Philippines’s "generous Chinese". The website said Duthel Te did not disclose the specific amount or date, but reiterated China’s commitment to help Philippines fight against drugs. "What am I to do? China helps build rehabilitation centers, they bring equipment. Only China is helping us." He said. Duthel Te went on to say that in 2017 will be the construction of rehabilitation centers, we are ready to do. China is helping us, and I want to thank China for its generosity". The president admitted that there is no rehabilitation center in Philippines, and why, Duthel Te explained that the former Aquino administration did not have enough money for the next government.相关的主题文章: