Eat instant noodles while having sex The girl chariot

Fire while eating instant noodles? The × the girl chariot linkage recently, according to Japanese media reports, the world famous company Nissin instant noodles, again with ACG linkage, linkage content of this announcement is "with the girls and" chariot "Final Fantasy", and said "the girl with the chariot linkage within half a year bubble" will meet with you. As a cartoon "girl" and chariot series and Nissin food linkage surrounding is completely reproduced IV H tank shell chariot. The special package of "maiden and chariot" contains 6 instant noodles. The story of the girl and the chariot takes place in an aerial world, which is similar to the chariot road and the tea ceremony. It tells the story of the women’s high school students in the big washing school in order to win the national race of chariot race, so as to keep the school cooperating with each other and fighting together. Conference site, the staff took out a very thick and long articles from the box, whether it is the army house or Meng house should not be unfamiliar, this is the male romance – a shell. After the staff open the shells, which of course no gunpowder, instant noodles just can be stuffed in the shells, containing therein as the root long and thick in edible items. This cartoon, game linkage food generally will not have any strange taste, so this instant noodles powder package should not be gunpowder, sauce package will not exist oil, probably…… But this kind of instant noodle suit is a little dangerous. Imagine that when you walk into the supermarket and buy instant noodles, you see a row of shells facing yourself. "The girl with the chariot" and Nissin food linkage is Huan, the prototype of the stage town finance has a problem, the local emergency vehicles and fire engines are too old to eliminate ones, but due to the financial difficulties of local governments do not have the money to buy new vehicles and fire emergency vehicles, even the fire truck ambulance transported the patient instead. Although the holy land tour tourism hot rely on animation brings a lot of new town of income, but the local financial difficulties have not been solved thoroughly. Warriors, don’t you come here? Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime works