EF education has become the sustainable development of the reconstruction of the school after the ea-winpm

EF education has become the sustainable development of the reconstruction of the school after the earthquake source in September 28th, aided by the global fund education in Nepal after Jarrah Padma Vee (Jalapadevi) state key public school groundbreaking ceremony was held in the country Xin Hu barz kezhou. Vice president of Nepal Mr. Nanda Bahadur Pun, the Shanghai Charity Foundation Vice Secretary General Mr. Qi Shen, chief representative of China EF Ms. Lin Xinxin invited to attend. From right to left as follows: EF education project is responsible for troops of hope, Nepal Nepal vice president couples, chief representative Lin Xinxin, Nepal Chinese district education project team members jarrah Padewei public school was opened in 1962, the government of Nepal on April 2015 public school, Nepal suffered a magnitude 7.9 earthquake, the school where the state is located in the epicenter. Two teaching buildings completely collapsed buildings severely damaged. After the disaster, EF education founder Mr. Hobart immediately called on all over the world’s people, and contribute to Nepal earthquake reconstruction. In the Shanghai Charity Foundation under the help of the education fund to send the former general manager of global education Chinese District led by Mr Ma hopes Nepal aid EF team quickly in-depth disaster area investigation, evaluation of school disaster situation, selected to reconstruction of the school address, and hired experienced Japanese architects aided Nepal architectural design company, improve the new teaching building seismic design level. The new design is to respect the local culture and Nepal combines the latest Japanese seismic technology, at the same time higher than that of the Prime Minister of Nepal reconstruction Committee standards, the office, post disaster reconstruction, the State Ministry of construction and the national Ministry of education’s consistent recognition and praise, and hope this design can be widely used as a design model reconstruction the school after the disaster. National vice president at the groundbreaking ceremony, highly appreciated the deep seismic EF most serious damage to the area to carry out reconstruction behavior and said: "education English name Education First, he also represents the expectations of its people. Education is a powerful source of power for the future development of the country, he hopes that Jarrah Padma Vee school adhere to the concept of education as the first, and spread to other schools, education as a top priority forever." EF education project hope Mr. Nepal responsible person said: "the school currently has 582 students, the United Nations Children’s Fund Class temporary assistance structure of metal buildings and building dangerous in. EF education will help to build two buildings in the collapsed building site, the main building contains 12 standard classrooms; the other is a function of teaching building will consist of classrooms, dining room, reading room, science lab and teachers’ office. After the completion of all, for 1200 teachers and students to use." The new school 3D simulation diagram of education has always been adhering to the "education, let the world infinite" concept, corporate social responsibility is in the EF DNA. EF believe that education can not only help Nepal to accelerate post disaster reconstruction can become more realize the sustainable development of the country and the source of power. EF will take.相关的主题文章: