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Womens-Issues If you are wondering what makes an effective natural fibroid treatment, there are a number of steps you can try. For the majority of women, fibroids cause no problems whatsoever. Indeed, most women who have fibroids will never even be aware of this fact. However, for a small number of women, fibroids can cause problems which affect their day to day quality of life by causing unpleasant symptoms such as bloating, heavy menstrual bleeding, incontinence and back pain. Effective natural fibroid treatment should ideally consist of a multifaceted approach. It is virtually impossible to determine the precise causes fibroids in an individual because it is believed that they are caused by a .bination of a number of primary and secondary factors which happen to interact with a woman’s unique, genetic make-up. However, although we cannot determine precisely what has caused fibroid growth to start, what we do know is the range of possible factors, which include eating a poor diet, lack of exercise, an excess of estrogen (both natural and artificial) and high stress levels. One good starting point is to try to remove excess estrogen which seems to be a .mon theme in women with fibroids. Often, being overweight can contribute to estrogen excess as estrogen is both stored in, and manufactured by fat cells. Therefore, reducing weight reduces estrogen naturally. Artificial estrogen (known as xenoestrogens) is derived from environmental toxins, such as pesticides and chemicals and this often be.es "locked" in the liver. A liver detox can often begin to take care of this but you should also eliminate any further intake by eating only .anic produce and minimizing your exposure to other chemicals. Other effective natural fibroid treatment takes the form of taking regular moderate exercise, undergoing cleansing protocols, stress management, eating foods which can help fibroids to shrink such as leafy green vegetables and sprouting beans. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: