Eggs can not be put into the refrigerator before they do wrong meyou

Egg can not be bought before any fridge all wrong egg is essential in the daily life of food, but a lot of people on the egg storage and consumption of misunderstanding, quick to see if you have not caught. Egg storage tips, everyone from the supermarket to buy egg, the egg will directly mess in the refrigerator. In fact, egg storage is also a stress. 1 in the refrigerator can not head in the egg egg after you buy, put it in the refrigerator to head up, head on, this can make the egg yolk paste below floating in the air chamber, which can prevent microbial invasion of egg yolk, but also conducive to ensure the quality of egg. 2 egg can not be preserved horizontally put long egg, especially when the outside temperature is higher, the protein will slowly remove mucus part of water under the action of protease, the loss of a fixed effect of egg yolk. Then if the egg yolk protein than horizontally, due to the proportion of small, egg yolk will go up, close to the shell and become sticky shell eggs. So the egg should not be stored horizontally. 3 eggs and volatile substances with volatile substances such as onions, ginger, pepper and other strong smell through the pores of the egg shell into the egg, accelerate the deterioration of eggs. Take 4 eggs in the refrigerator for a long time can not be taken again or frozen egg from the refrigerator, how much it is removed, not all egg removed. Because the egg out after sweating at room temperature, water droplets in bacteria and microorganisms will quickly through the deep inner eggshell egg, egg bacterial infection. 5 egg storage before can not be washed before the egg storage, do not look at the surface of the egg by dirt, wash the egg again. As everyone knows, this will destroy the original egg membrane protection organization, accelerate the deterioration of eggs. So, do not clean the eggs before the egg surface, you can use plastic wrap on the surface of the egg. 6 there is a separate storage space in the absence of conditions to refrigerate eggs, you can use the concave down the specialized storage of eggs, the substance can be isolated eggs, to prevent bacterial infection and egg fragmentation. If there is no such thing as eggs, you can use paper or cloth to make this model. The shelf life of eggs and the deterioration of the time and storage temperature, humidity is closely related to the northern part of our country, in the summer at room temperature for 30 days ~35 days, winter in the storage of 15 degrees Celsius below ~50 days, generally not degenerate. In the high temperature and humid South, the preservation of 25 days ~40 days may deteriorate. When the temperature is higher than 25 DEG C, the time of deterioration and spoilage will be shortened. The date of production of eggs refers to the time when the egg is produced by the hen, rather than the date of delivery or packaging time. The better the quality of fresh eggs. Egg eating tips 1 the elderly do not be afraid of eating egg yolk traditionally high cholesterol content of egg yolk is the direct result of human hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and stroke arch-criminal. Therefore, many people, especially middle-aged and elderly people do not dare to eat egg yolk. In view of the egg contains more protein, fat, vitamin A, B2, B6, D, iron, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients, experts believe that the old people eat 1 to 2 per day (including egg yolk) is healthy, of course, should not eat too much. Egg (egg))相关的主题文章: