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Electricity – Qinghai Channel – people.com.cn October 13th service of local water project construction of Haidong power supply company, State Grid Haidong power supply company employees to Minhe Chuan Kou Zhen Xiang Tang Cun, Minhe County Datonghe water project of electricity inspection, help rectification problems, solve construction problems, to ensure the people’s livelihood project construction work in an orderly manner. The water project is to improve the water supply capacity of Minhe county area of the county, around 120 thousand people to solve the water production and life of the people’s livelihood projects, to promote leapfrog to provide reliable water resources to support the county’s economic and social projects, the electricity load of 3 million 60 thousand kva. Electricity for the protection of water project construction, Haidong power supply company adhere to the "unified process, a clear time limit, simple and efficient" principle, the opening of "Easy Access", arrange follow-up, review, approval for research work of power supply scheme for fast, with 10 thousand volts voltage, dual power supply, double loop power supply, active service water project infrastructure construction work. During the construction, the company arrange regularly carry out inspection, the implementation of weekly system, coordinate and solve problems with electrical safety knowledge publicity, on-site supervision and inspection work, to solve the electricity problem in construction, ensure the orderly construction and distribution engineering. At present, Minhe County Datonghe water project construction work has entered the stage, Haidong power supply company will continue to implement the "integrated" door-to-door service, "package" electricity service reply normal service, door-to-door service for power projects, deepen Shouwenfuze system, strengthening power hidden engineering inspection, strict quality customs inspection, to ensure that key projects, livelihood projects and orderly use of electricity. (Jie Anrui Zhang Jun) (commissioning editor Zhang Liping and Yang Yang)相关的主题文章: