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Eliminate the fear memory "shadow: China scientists find healing ideas on 7 September, Xinhua Shanghai (reporter Wang Linlin) a horrible scream, a painful memory, a tragic disaster…… Fear memory may leave a deep or shallow shadow in the minds of many people. How to forget the memory, how to treat the pain of trauma? Recently, Chinese scientists first revealed important neural pathways in brain memory fear information, provides a new way for the treatment of anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, the results published in "Nature Neuroscience" on w.. Much of the animal’s fear of fear is acquired. The famous Pavlov conditioned reflex experiment shows that as long as a voice is connected with fear, and once again, the animal will fall back into panic. Previously, scientists believe that this is due to fear of information from the auditory cortex of the brain to the hippocampus of the lateral amygdala, and then control the movement area, resulting in fear response. However, when browsing of brain connection in mice, the Shanghai Institute of life science research group Muming Pu nerve associate researcher and doctoral student Liu Danqian Yang Yang found that this process is actually "reversible", amygdala can also be projected back to the auditory cortex, and when the projection was inhibited, the mice will fear response greatly reduced. "It shows that as long as we are able to suppress the neural circuitry that is projected from the amygdala to the auditory cortex, the mouse will not be afraid of the sound of the previous fear. If we can find the corresponding pathway in the human brain, it is possible to reduce anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder by regulating the pathway." Yang Yang said. Pu Muming said the findings could provide new clues for the treatment of brain diseases. Current drug treatment of brain disease is not ideal, in the future, physiological, physical stimulation and intervention may be able to achieve better results.相关的主题文章: