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Ella sun officially announced the pregnancy test pregnancy: hold me miserable and husband Rice Xiang Ella (information) the day before, Ella traced pregnancy, but it has no positive answer, said only time to be born. The company also said that there will be good news to share with you. On the evening of 22, Ella finally issued a document on the Internet, drying out officially announced the pregnancy pregnancy test. Ella confirmed pregnant Ella drying out pregnancy test and with the text said: "I can’t hide in this character, this thing really to suppress my miserable!!! Time will come to share with you, it is because I hope everything is stable to share with you, and now is the time! I want to tell you loudly: I’m pregnant. That moment really is "scared" too big "surprise", because everything came too suddenly, sitting on the sofa for a while just wake up, thank you has been a blessing, we want to become a family of four!! (father, mother, Boudin and baby) I’m so happy, so happy." Ella micro-blog screenshot相关的主题文章: