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Escape, hit another insider? Zhou Jie said "big fight" to respond to the scene of Zhou Jie value clarification although he is the victim of "Huanzhugege" Premiere is already 17 years ago, but today, because of the drama Zhou Jie still attracts much attention in the limelight. Zhou Jie recently recorded in Zhejiang satellite TV, the value of the war, the first time in the program in a serious response to the escape, hit the negative and gives the truth. April 2008, Zhou Jie in Beijing 798 art factory because of traffic problems and security of physical conflict. Then drove the Mercedes Benz two security guards opened, and even break through the three checkpoints, was eventually stopped, and thus led to the micro-blog hot search hit the security incident of 798". Coincidentally, in June 2009, Zhou Jie was straight through the intersection with taxi left turn lane, the other two cars collided, the car two passengers were injured, two vehicles damaged guardrail damaged site. At that time, a public outcry, accused Zhou Jie of traffic accident escape, although Zhou Jie’s agent said, there is a misunderstanding, but the network communication speed for a time on Zhou Jie’s public image cast a shadow. Continuous negative news is Zhou Jie on the road to bear in the teeth of the storm, heartless infamy. "Kang" Zhou Jie even rushed out of the bag on the expression of defense, micro-blog hot search. The media was also named Zhou Jie fled to escape, the crime of escape from falling on his head. Zhou Jie himself is also the first time through a variety of channels issued a statement, but it is an across the screen, users do not seem to buy it. Zhou Jie, in the words of the big battle, said the main reason for the crash is a taxi left turn illegal grab line, according to the cause of the accident, the responsibility of the division, the taxi driver is the perpetrators, Zhou Jie is the victim of the crime, the victim is the victim, the victim is the victim, the victim is the victim, the victim is the victim, the victim is a victim of the accident, the driver is the victim, the victim is the victim of the. Later, an apology and compensation, is completely under the "confession" of public opinion Public clamor can melt metals. The "798 hit security events in Zhou Jie seems more whistleblowers have vowed to make groundless accusations, but only the photo show video. Zhou Jie in the show, "is that security? Please take out the video I hit him "means that the truth has been entertaining, and we would like to see Zhou Jie do these things, not the truth. "The value of the first phase of the war" speech topic "that thing" of the Internet, Zhou Jie negative news broke the news on the Internet since after fermentation, then the diffusion becomes a get out of hand. Now that the Internet made a large number of grassroots network red, so that ordinary people have to do star may, but through the Zhou Jie incident we are not difficult to discover, the network of public opinion is to put on a coat of many news events. The network is to help people who poison or destroy the weapon there is a difficult decision, whether it is Zhou Jie or negative expression package ridden Zhou Jie, is also the Internet brings opportunities for Zhou Jie and polish. Talking about "the network is to help people who poison or destroy the weapon", Zhang Shaogang plays its usual logical advantage, unraveling like the analysis of the idea argument, debate opponent Wan Feng is rendered speechless; victims of grievance; filled with righteous indignation, what other field star guests is how to treat Zhou Jie’s response? September 12th (Monday) evening 22:00 Zhejiang satellite TV "speech value war" for you, please look forward to.相关的主题文章: