European champions group match, Celtic end, Manchester City since the new season 10 winning streak –9c8836

The Champions League group phase Celtic new season 10 game winning streak since the end of the city — Hainan window, yesterday morning, the Champions League group phase in the second round, Manchester City visit to Boston, three degrees backward, three of the score, the final 3 to 3 draw with Celtic, although on the road to retreat. But since the start of the new season Manchester City’s 10 game winning streak ended. "The winning streak was over," he said. "It’s tough enough. I’m happy with Manchester City’s 3 goals on the road. Even teams like Barcelona and Manchester United have eaten defeat here." In the 11 season of the game, Manchester City scored 33 goals, averaging 3 goals, but also lost 9 goals. The upcoming game against his former club Basa, Guardiola to remind the team to play 12 spirit, "then we will wholeheartedly to Barcelona, they are the strongest team." Bayern is the end of the victory. D group second rounds of focus battle, Bayern away 0 to 1 defeat to Ma Jing, this season’s official competition 8 battle victory record was ended. After the game, Bayern coach Ancelotti said: "the team," we played too slow, not to bite in the scraping opponent is not determined." (commissioning editor Feng Xing and Jiang Chengliu)

欧冠小组赛凯尔特人终结曼城新赛季以来10连胜–人民网海南视窗–人民网   昨天凌晨,欧冠小组赛第二轮中,曼城做客挑战凯尔特人,三度落后,三度将比分扳平,最终3比3战平凯尔特人,虽然得以在客场全身而退,但曼城新赛季开赛以来的10连胜也就此终结。   连胜被终结,瓜帅依然很乐观,“这场比赛够艰难的,我对曼城能够在客场打入3个进球这点感到很开心。就连巴萨和曼联这样的球队也曾在这里吃过败仗。”   开季的11场比赛,曼城总共打入了33球,场均进球能够达到3球,但也丢了9球。即将对阵自己的老东家巴萨,瓜帅提醒全队要打起12分的精神,“接下来我们要全心全意地对待巴塞罗那,他们是最强的球队。”   全胜被终结的还有拜仁。D组第2轮的焦点战中,拜仁客场0比1负于马竞,本赛季正式比赛8战全胜的战绩被终结。赛后,拜仁主帅安切洛蒂一语道破球队的问题所在,“我们打得太慢了,没能在拼抢中撕咬对手,显得不够有决心。” (责编:冯星、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: