Europe’s 1.40 major losses hit by recession worries-stellarium

Europe’s 1.40 major concerns were hit by the recession of Europe, threatening the FX168 news that the British people may agree to leave the EU in the referendum in June, dragging down the pound on Tuesday (February 23rd) to $1.40, reaching a new low of seven years. The pound fell 1.7% on Monday, this week has fallen by 2.6% since 2009, the two largest daily decline; Tuesday fell nearly 1%, the minimum to $1.4014, the lowest since March 2009; the pound against the euro fell 0.5%, at 0.7833 pounds sterling, the trade weighted index is still low in recent years. Sterling Monday created the biggest one-day drop in the six years since British Prime Minister Cameron has been transferred to the European Union because of the ruling conservative veteran, and the most famous one is Johnson Johnson, mayor of London (Boris). This raises speculation that the June referendum may be divorced from the EU, or at least very close to the result. The Deutsche exchanges and the London Stock Exchange (LSE) sought to merge a large European stock exchange with no immediate impact on the pound, and the discussions about off the euro led the trend towards sterling. "Europe off renewed worries, although recently agreed to protect British special status in the EU, the UK in the EU agreement," Credit Agricole (Credit Agricole) strategist said, "these concerns will continue to make a prospect of Mengyin, may be more serious before the referendum." "In the short term, I don’t expect the pound to go back to 1.4250-1.4300 dollars, and nobody wants to buy dollars at this price," says Tobias Davis, head of Western Union sales. Proof: Jun bin into [shares] discuss Sina Finance

受退欧忧虑打击英镑大跌 1.40大关岌岌可危   FX168讯 英国民众可能在6月公投中赞同脱离欧盟的担忧拖累英镑周二(2月23日)跌向1.40美元,触及七年新低。   英镑周一重挫1.7%,本周已经下跌2.6%,为2009年以来的最大两日跌幅;周二下跌近1%,最低至1.4014美元,为2009年3月以来最低;英镑兑欧元下跌0.5%,报0.7833英镑,英镑贸易加权指数仍处于近两年低位。   英镑周一创英国首相卡梅伦任职六年以来的单日最大跌幅,因多名执政的保守党资深人士转投向支持脱欧阵营,最有名的当属伦敦市长约翰逊(Boris Johnson)。   这引发外界猜测,6月公投结果可能是脱离欧盟,或至少非常接近此结果。   德意志交易所和伦敦证券交易所集团(LSE)寻求合并成立一家欧洲大型证券交易所的消息没有马上对英镑产生影响,预计关于脱欧的讨论主导了英镑走势。   “脱欧忧虑再度升温,尽管最近达成保护英国在欧盟内部特殊地位、将英国留在欧盟的协议,”法国农业信贷银行(Credit Agricole)策略师称,“这些担心会持续令英镑前景蒙阴,在公投前可能会愈加严重。”   “短期内,我预计英镑不会回到1.4250-1.4300美元价位,没有人愿意在这个价位买入美元,”西联汇款企业资金销售主管Tobias Davis称。   校对:浚滨 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: