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Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the marble table choice and whether demand marble advantages and disadvantages and whether demand detailed selection

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? Natural marble is the crust of the original rock after the formation of high temperature and high pressure metamorphic rock, there are many advantages. But there is no decoration material is perfect, natural marble also has shortcomings. Below, the small series to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of marble table.

explain the advantages and disadvantages of the marble table selection and whether needs (pictures from the network)

? marble countertops

? 1, high hardness, non deformation

?? natural marble is naturally formed after a long period of time, so in the organizational structure above the natural uniform, and the linear expansion coefficient is very small, almost no what internal stress, so its hardness, basically no deformation during use.

? 2, corrosion resistant, acid free

?? structure of natural marble countertops own uniform wireless expansion, so not easy erosion by acid and alkali liquid, but also do not have to rely on oil to improve the smoothness, maintenance is simple and convenient.

? 3, wear resistance, high temperature resistance

marble material because of its high hardness and stiffness is very good, so naturally its wear resistance is relatively strong. Not only that, its high temperature resistance is also very good, without constant temperature conditions, and will not be affected by changes in temperature, deformation, at room temperature can maintain its original physical properties, longer service life.

?? 4, physical stability

?? structure of natural marble meticulous uniform, even under the outside impact, grain falling under the condition, it will not flash, the surface accuracy is not affected. Because of the stable physical material, so to ensure the long-term use is not deformation, and rust, antimagnetic, insulation.

?? 5, non magnetized

?? natural marble material whether it is magnetized in use after long time not, can move smoothly, and there will be no Zhise sense, not wet, plane said good.

? marble countertops disadvantages

?? 1, easy to break the loss of

?? although natural marble with its itself is a natural formation material has many unique characteristics, but there There are both advantages and disadvantages. naturally formed marble, once a tiny loose crack, so this place is very easy to break.

?? 2, difficult to clean

? The world of stone materials are porous structure >