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Exploration of ecological civilization first hoof walked quickly stabilize the ecological environment of Jiangxi to stay ahead of clear water of Castle Peak, blue sky and white clouds, the forest coverage rate steady at 63.1%, the main river monitoring section water quality compliance rate of 82.4%, yuan GDP energy consumption decreased significantly, this is Jiangxi in the exploration of a beautiful ecological civilization on the road to answer. Jiangxi throughout the country included in the first demonstration area of ecological civilization, the first batch of national ecological civilization pilot area, the territory of all rivers and lakes to implement the river system"…… Since the thirteenth Congress of the province, our province adhere to ecological priority, green rise of the road of development, through institutional innovation for the ecological development of embedded, "beautiful dream Chinese", highlight the ecological advantages of Jiangxi, the ecological environmental quality continue to maintain the country’s leading. In October 19th two, Jiangxi and Guangdong Province signed the Dongjiang River downstream transverse ecological compensation agreement, protection of Dongjiang River "water for life", marking the horizontal inter provincial river basin ecological compensation in China has made significant progress. It is gratifying achievements in Jiangxi efforts to practice the green development concept, it is a valuable exploration in Jiangxi to be the forerunner of the "ecological civilization". Green development, ecological civilization concept increasingly popular in Gan po. From the mountain lakes project, to strive to create beautiful Chinese "Jiangxi model", to explore the construction of ecological civilization on the journey to Jiangxi, always do not forget the beginning of the heart, innovation, out of a coordinated development of economy and ecology road. By the end of 2014, the national six ministries approved the province included in the first national demonstration area of ecological civilization, our province has formulated 208 tasks, leaving a string of solid steps: strictly ecological red line. Our province has established a provincial, city and county water resources management "three line", the water resources management into counties scientific development evaluation system, start the permanent basic farmland red delineation work; the implementation of ecological restoration and protection project, build a strong ecological security barrier. This year, completed 2 million 200 thousand acres of reforestation, afforestation 1 million acres, 5 million 600 thousand acres of forest tending to more than 8 hectares of wetland; urban wetland management into the province, strictly control the development of occupation of natural wetland. Declaration of environmental pollution. Carry out the "clearance" and "water" and "pure land" action to carry out comprehensive environmental remediation. In 2015, the province set up good air quality District in the city reached 90.1%, the city sewage treatment rate of 85%, the province’s major river monitoring section water quality compliance rate of 82.4%, yuan GDP energy consumption fell by about 3.5%, the completion of major pollutants emission reduction targets "12th Five-Year" task ahead of time. Green industrial system initially formed. Vigorously develop the "ecological +" of modern agriculture, modern industry and modern service industry, to create a national modern agriculture demonstration zone 11, national green food raw materials of standardized production base of 43, the province’s "three one" (pollution-free agricultural products, green food and organic agricultural products, agricultural products of geographical indication products) total 2902; construct the good environment of green industrial system and the intensive and efficient green service industry system. The innovation of ecological system, construction of the provincial and municipal, county, township and village five grade long river management system, covering the territory of the province of rivers and lakes. Take the lead in the whole country.相关的主题文章: