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Sports-and-Recreation ESPN recently reported that Troy Murphy has decided to join the Boston Celtics over the Miami Heat. Since Troy is hot in news, itll be interesting to see what FanIQ, one of the most populated interactive sports sites with over 12 million registered sports fans from all over the world, mostly from the U.S., has on him. What follows should be a treat (and on one occasion at least, a surprise) for the fans of Murphy. Perhaps the most exciting FanIQ content on Troy is the video that shows his winning shoot over LA back in December of 2008. This particular shoot was so good that it earned Murphy the number one spot on the NBA TV Top 10 list for December 1st. Another exhilarating video content on Murphy available on FanIQ shows his Indiana Pacers last second tip that beat the Los Angeles Lakers 117-118. There was also a poll on the sports social networking site asking sports fans to vote for their favorite Warrior. Troy Murphy got ranked 6 in the poll. In another poll, FanIQ users voted for Murphy and had him inducted into the final list of the best left-handed NBA players. Arguably the most interesting FanIQ poll involving Troy Murphy is Who are the ugliest players in the NBA? While Troy didnt make it to the Top 5, he did get votes; the percentage of the votes that he got is 0.5! For the entertainment of NBA fans, here are the Top 5 NBA players, who, according to sports fans on FanIQ, make the most ugliest players in the NBA: 1.Sam Cassell 2.Hedo Turkoglu 3.Charlie Villanueva 4.Adonal Foyle 5.Brian Scallabrine Other NBA players who got votes in the poll include (other than Murphy) Zaza Pachulia, Scott Pollard, Anderson Varejo, Renaldo Balkman, Dan Gadzuric, Shelden Williams, and Mike Miller. The poll is closed, but if your favorite player is among the Top 5, and you think he should not have been, you can comment on the poll page and give your argument as to why the player shouldve not been among the Top 5. The poll page link is: ..faniq../poll_results.php?poll_id=83661 For those who are not familiar with FanIQ.., TechCrunch, a technology blog founded in 2005 by one of Time Magazine’s World’s 100 Most Influential People, Michael Arrington, calls FanIQ a sports site that is more focused on entertaining its users than bogging them down with the stats and opinion pieces. FanIQ started in 2006 with the objective to be.e the sports website of choice for sports fans looking for some electrifying, extra sports fun. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: