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Fed to raise interest rates on the negative effect of commodity funds obvious Sina fund exposure platform: the letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, buy funds pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter Guan Ping – Fed rate hike "boots" has no landing. However, Fed officials frequently released "rate" tone has frequent stir market sentiment. Qu Xiaoning, deputy general manager of China’s futures brokerage business headquarters, 13, told the China Securities Journal reporter, said that if the fed in September to raise interest rates, the commodity market is bound to be difficult to pick up. Soochow Futures Institute Jiang Xingchun said that if the Fed rate hike in September is undoubtedly the commodity market is obviously bad, there was a negative correlation between the commodity and the dollar index, the dollar is down to normal commodity; two is the Fed rate hike that strong U.S. economic recovery, U.S. stocks rose to normal condition U.S. stocks, large capital inflows, weakening the role of gold as a hedge, risk investment will be more than hedge assets and commodity assets, capital outflows increased commodity adjustment pressure. Jiang Xingchun also pointed out that the bad hike for commodities is in short-term commodity, especially crude oil after the adjustments will benefit to the improvement of the global economy, the United States continued to increase interest rates process for confirmation of economic recovery, the recovery of the economic environment is conducive to improving demand. Overall, the short-term impact is obvious, long-term impact remains to be seen. Liu Xintian, chief analyst at the business community believes that the Fed’s interest rate hike is expected to affect the real estate market as early as August, there are signs. The crude oil in late August from nearly $50 a barrel at the end of the month fell to $43 a barrel, and the interest rate is expected to bring the market is bad. Liu Xintian pointed out that the Fed rate hike has become a fall will not fall boots, landing just a matter of time. At present, the proliferation of too much liquidity, the Fed rate hike on the global economy is a good thing. Presumably, the Fed rate hike will influence the Bank of the world’s major economies, including Chinese, Chinese, even in the short term will not follow the rate hike, but further interest rates drop Quasi Likelihood will decline, which will have a negative impact on the commodity market. He expects the fed to raise interest rates in September confirmed that the Mid Autumn Festival or become a watershed in the recent commodity market, the power of coal, coke, iron ore and other varieties will be a larger callback. For crude oil, in view of its part has been digested in advance, the lower the space or not too big. Baocheng Futures Institute assistant director of financial Cheng Xiaoyong said that if the Fed rate hike in September, could trigger a new round of market turmoil: a global dollar nominal and real interest rates will rise, which rely on loose monetary policy and low interest rate pricing of asset price to two dollar liquidity is revaluation; return to the U.S., resulting in emerging economies and non US countries are forced to raise interest rates or strengthen capital controls to curb capital outflow pressure, leading to decline in economic vitality, the global economy is facing a new round of risk. He said that in the case of crude oil, the oil dollar will continue to shrink, the price of crude oil in shale oil drilling increases, difficult to reach agreement on the production of frozen and summer相关的主题文章: