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Female cleaning to the leadership of pee dismissed the court claiming to be beaten each other original title: female cleaning to the leadership pee dismissed the court to terminate the labor relationship legal JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zheng Yujia) in the unit of the female toilet, female cleaning staff Lee to the toilet is leading splashed urine unit that Lee violation of labor discipline dismissal. Lee refused to accept the unit to court, requiring the unit to pay 30 thousand yuan compensation for the illegal termination of labor relations. Reporters learned yesterday, after the court hearing in Shunyi, Lee put on the behavior of the urine constitute an insult to the parties, is a serious violation of discipline, the unit is not illegal to terminate the labor relationship. There is an auto parts company labor relations with the cleaning staff Lee from June 23, 2006 to November 13, 2015, the two sides signed a labor contract without a fixed period. Last September 28th, Lee, female toilet, to the head and body of personnel manager is going to the toilet on the urine spilled a lot. In November 13th of the same year, the auto parts company with serious violations of labor discipline and Lee by the lifting of labor relations. Lee think that the unit is illegal dismissal, so in January this year, the unit went to court, asked to pay illegal labor relations compensation 3 yuan. The auto parts company said in reply, Lee in the personnel manager urine spilled a serious violation of labor discipline, company and labor relations legal, it should not pay compensation for the illegal termination of labor relations. The court in the first trial, Lee repeatedly recognized it to the personnel manager’s urine, although the second hearing statements of uncertainty onto the personnel manager what is liquid, but for this statement, Lee did not submit evidence, so the court for Lee in the second trial the statement is not recognized. In addition, Lee advocated the behavior of the Department of personnel manager yinmou provoked and beat themselves have upset, but this did not submit evidence to prove. Lee during the work to the personnel manager with urine, has constituted the insult to the personnel manager, is a serious violation of discipline behavior, and there is no evidence that justification leads to its behavior. In summary, the court held that the termination of an auto parts company and Lee labor relations is not illegal, dismissed Lee asked an auto parts company labor relations law to pay compensation request. Editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章: