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Fetal heart monitoring when to start doing the most suitable – Sohu fetal heart is fetal heartbeat. The application of electronic fetal heart rate monitoring fetal heart rate monitor the fetal heart rate curve and uterine pressure waveform recorded for clinical analysis of graphics. This will be able to know the fetus in the mother’s belly inside the development of a simple painless, very important prenatal examination items. So, when can we carry out fetal heart monitoring? First, when to start fetal heart monitoring? If expectant mothers are not pregnant at the time of the accident, doctors generally start from thirty-sixth weeks of pregnancy once a week fetal heart rate monitoring. If there is a problem with the body at the time of pregnancy, such as diabetes, gestational hypertension, polyhydramnios or oligohydramnios, fetal reduction, it is best to do fetal heart monitoring began in pregnancy at 28-30 weeks. Two, fetal heart monitoring how to do? The mother lying on the bed with the instrument belly, then put the two probe, a tie in the top of the mother’s uterus, uterine probe. The other is tied to the fetus in the chest or back to the corresponding position of the fetal heart measurement. If the mother feel fetal movement when you press the button, the machine will automatically record the movement. Each fetal heart monitoring generally take 20-40 minutes. Three, fetal heart monitoring chart how to see? Doctors and mothers through the machine to draw images to know when the fetus is normal heartbeat. Experts explain, fetal heart rate monitoring chart usually have two curves, a record of the changes in fetal heart rate, there is a uterine contraction. The normal fetal heart rate is between 120 times -160 times, if the fetal heart rate within 20 minutes, the baby’s fetal heart is relatively stable, while the baby at least 2-3 to accelerate fetal heart rate when the activity, is usually better than the quiet time of fetal heart rate per minute at least 15, each continued at least 15 seconds, this is called " fetal heart rate monitoring, said reaction type " fetal heart is normal. If fetal fetal heart rate did not accelerate, or in the measurement when the heart rate not what happens, which shows the status of the fetus may have abnormal (such as hypoxia or placental problems), this is called " reactive ". Expectant mothers need oxygen, almost 60 minutes to do a fetal heart monitoring. Four, fetal heart rate is normal? What is the expression of fetal heart abnormality? Fetal heart rate is normal in the 120 points to 160 points between, after a period of 40 weeks of pregnancy, fetal maturity, fetal heart may be lower than the 120 points, but generally not less than 110 points. If the fetal heart rate lasts for more than 10 minutes, < the > of the second time; the 60 point, which means that the fetal heart rate is abnormal, the. Fetal heart monitor can also be used at home, in the fetal heart rate monitoring, if found abnormal image, the fetal heart is abnormal. Five, what is the cause of fetal heart abnormalities? Abnormal fetal heart monitoring how to do? Experts said that many factors will cause fetal heart abnormalities. Mainly in the following situations: 1, fetal intrauterine hypoxia; 2, expectant mother fever相关的主题文章: