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Fifteen years of long farewell: "after 9, 11," where life? – Beijing, Beijing, September 11, (Guo Wei?) in the United States of New York "9? 11" in National Museum, the gurgling water Black Memorial pool, nearly 3000 names engraved in the bronze monument, to express grief people mourn in silence. It is almost always quiet, as if isolated from the noisy New York. However, this terrorist attack caused uproar, many years later still failed to stop. 9. The tragedy of the 11 incident, the victims of the loved ones, still exist in the lives of survivors. How about their lives in the past 15 years? New York "9. 11" National Monument, engraved with the names of the victims Memorial pool. [single mother and her 10 children: together 9] – 11 years after the event, Jane? Palombo asked repeatedly are his 10 children, "I give you love enough? Do you feel loved?" Jane’s children were aged between 11 and 15 when the disaster struck. The beginning of the day was no different from the usual. They got up and sent their children to school. Before parting, Frank said to her, "I’ll always be there for you."". This is the last sentence of a firefighter’s husband before she died. After losing her husband, Jane’s biggest concern was the ability to raise her children alone. She was afraid that her family would be taken apart, and that the children would be sent to different places. But Jane was tough, she worked tirelessly, cared for and cared for her children. Everyone says she is steely determination, let the children on the right path. 8 years later, the family suffered another blow, Jane was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. In August 8, 2013, the 53 year old Jane left the children. But the mother’s influence is still great, 10 brothers and sisters agreed to take care of each other, until now, in addition to married brother Frank, all the people still live together. Anthony is preparing to become a pastor, little Frank has three children. The third ranked Joe is an accountant, four Maria was an oncology nurse. The fifth child, Tommy, followed his father’s footsteps and became a fireman. John had recently entered the College of fire control and was a cook at the time of Patrick. Daniel, who is good at volleyball, is about to start college life, and he is the last year of high school, and the youngest is the top of the second year of high school, which is a joke of the year of the year of Stephen. Maria, 26, said, "if we’re apart, everyone will be a mess." Lauren Mcintyre and her mother and brother and sister. (Photo by Jeanne Mcintyre?) [her father had never met, but he will love me "] Lauren? Mcintyre, this year 14 years old, born in 9? Less than 3 months after the 11 event. Her father is a port authority police officer Donald? Mcintyre, because in the 911 day into the world trade center south tower to save sacrifice. Lauren has a 20 year old sister and a brother of the age of 18, but Lauren is the only one in the family相关的主题文章: