Fiinovation – Csr In India And The Environment-ca1835

News-and-Society Corporate Social Responsibility is the act of the corporate .panies "giving back" to the society. Though the term CSR gained popularity in the 1960s and 70s, the concept was produced much before that. The great play written by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol also depicts a version of CSR. The stingy Mr. Scrooge opening his heart out in the charm of the Holiday spirit was just a fictional account of what an ideal CSR should be. CSR as a principle has made its foray in the Indian context in several phases. The pre industrialization period saw wealthy merchants setting up temples as a way of spreading their wealth among the society. These merchants also often helped the poor needy during times of famines by providing them with food and supplies from their godams(granaries). This served the dual purpose of serving society as well as enhancing their public image. The independence movement saw industrialist setting up trusts for establishments of schools and colleges so that the .mon man could benefit. The advent of PSUs in India during the period 1960-80 marked the beginning of enforcement of several environmental standards and labor laws.. The main reason for the set up for PSUs was to ensure suitable distribution of resources to the needy. The Private sector was forced to take a backseat during this period due to the stringent restrictions and high taxes imposed on them. The Public sector however was ineffective in creating an equitable resource distribution. The expectation of Social Welfare again shifted to the private sector. The 1990s saw a fresh air of liberalization breathed into the Indian economy. India was transformed into an important global destination in terms of production and investment due to the freshly introduced liberalization policies. Globalization also brought with it global principles of CSR. CSR was now an integral part of corporate business strategies. CSR then became an important medium of reaching out to the public and creating a positive image meant more publicity for the organisation. Large .panies like The Tata Group, Aditya Birla Group to name a few, have specialized CSR teams that identify and chart out strategies to carry out an individual .pany’s CSR. The current focus areas for CSR by the .panies are Health, Education, Women and Child Welfare, and Environment. Many .panies while charting put their CSR strategies lay emphasis on Environment conservation. While most .panies focus on maintaining the sanctity of the environment surrounding their operational areas, some .panies go out of their way to preserve and conserve the Environment by way of running intensive environment protection programs. One such example is the Anandana Foundation programs, which is the CSR unit of Coca Cola India. Anandana Foundation runs several programs for the preservation and improvement of environmental conditions in many places across the country. The Unnati Project facilitated by the foundation was implemented with the partnership of HARITIKA, a local NGO based out of Chhattarpur, Bundelkhand. The project focused on construction of 14 check dams and provision of water for household purposes, through piped water supply, in fourteen villages of Jaitpur Block, Mahoba district. The check dams ensured replenishment of ground water, thereby reducing runoff and the installation of water supply system helped the villagers to access water from within their houses. The project: Recharge potential of 400 million liters of water in an area of 1214 ha created. 8500 people directly benefitted Many more such initiatives in the field of environment are being initiated by the Indian industries. The latest directive of the Indian government that " .panies with at least Rs 5 Crore of net profits should earmark 2 percent of their average net profits in the preceding three years for activities lumped under the term "corporate social responsibility (CSR)"" has made it mandatory for .panies to indulge in CSR activities. Though this move received a lukewarm response from the industrial sector, the social sector can only applaud the effort by the government. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: