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Finally had the money to spend! The court ruled that the Kuomintang leader Hong Xiuzhu – illegal Sohu news according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported on November 4th, the day before the freezing of accounts, the Kuomintang against Taiwan’s "Executive Yuan" and "improper Party committee" the frozen bank accounts, which no party workers salary last month proposed administrative proceedings to the high administrative court of Taipei. The north for trial, the collegial panel ruling today, that "property" punishment is not legitimate, the KMT and the "property" of the administrative litigation to determine the salary to the party before the Bank of Yongfeng account can not be frozen. In September 20th this year, the "party" letter, will be the 9 table silver check for 460 million yuan (NT, the same below) of funds, and Yongfeng bank accounts frozen, causing nearly 800 party workers 9, October salary does not come out, the KMT Central Committee to the high administrative court of Taipei, proposed to stop the execution of "administrative punishment property will" freeze the bank account funds, as well as the related administrative proceedings. According to reports, the North High collegial panel stops execution punishment after the trial in the morning made a ruling, determined in this case of administrative litigation, "the party will" freeze the Kuomintang Taiwan 9 bank and Yongfeng bank account funds will stop the execution of punishment. Decision also pointed out that the Kuomintang claims, "property regulations" after only from the Bank of Yongfeng successfully withdraw a cheque for $52 million to pay for the other 9 Party salary, check a total of 468 million yuan was not against the collar, in September this year, the salary is almost out, and after the Kuomintang will not have sufficient funds to pay the relevant hydropower fees, office rental and other related costs, will also face the Taipei Municipal Labor Bureau Administrative Tribunal, court accepted the claim and found to comply with the "emergency" and other elements, so the face "party", to make favorable ruling kuomintang. According to the observer network previously reported, the " property will increase; "once" required to pay compensation, severance pay or pension costs "and" licensing matters ", which means that the Kuomintang may apply to the" property ", from the frozen Yongfeng bank account to withdraw the property for payment of wages, pensions, etc.. However, this is the premise of the Kuomintang to prove that they have no other lawful property of the end of hills and rivers. Because the bank accounts were frozen, headed by Hong Xiuzhu to get rid of the Kuomintang cannot pay dilemma, who has launched a "special membership dues to pay" and "small donation", "defend the constitution protecting Taiwan – 1000 round had" a series of plans. KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu, as well as vice chairman of the board of directors, has also organized the name of the private lending to the name of the loan, said Mr. Zhan Qixian. Earlier, more news that the Kuomintang party leader Hong Xiuzhu in an internal meeting revealed that he will sell to pay Party workers salary.相关的主题文章: