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"Five one" + "zero payment", Jianyang medical assistance work? Xie Qiang, director of this said…… November 16th – Sohu health, director of the Chengdu Municipal Planning Commission, party secretary Xie Qiang led the research in Jianyang city of poverty alleviation and medical relief work. Deputy director of the City Planning Commission Zhang Yi, vice mayor of Jianyang Chang Zhaorong, Jianyang City Health Bureau Director Luo Ming participated in the investigation. Jianyang poverty relief and medical assistance work in the end how? ? director Xie Qiang and his entourage went to the town of Pingquan Huang Ling Cun, Fei Long Xiang agreement village health room, check the standardized construction, to understand the progress of medical assistance and poor family physician work, focusing on listening to the "one village one team, one doctor, one file, January follow up, season one door" of "Five" working system and poor medical treatment "zero payment" work report. Subsequently, Xie Qiang came to Wen Shufang Zhu Shumao, director, Huang Aiqiong and other three poor households in the home, to understand the life of their production, harvest, careful questioning of medical assistance, reconstruction, breeding industry, and for them to send rice, oil and other gifts and money, encourage them to live a good life, gradually to achieve poverty alleviation. Xie Qiang, director of Jianyang actively promote the five one plus zero payment of medical assistance project to be fully affirmed. ? Xie Qiang director emphasized: one is to further accelerate the construction of standardized impoverished village clinics, to ensure the project 100% standard; the two is to achieve participatory poverty full insurance ($), earnestly implement the "ten exemptions and four subsidies", improve the level of Medicare reimbursement, effectively reduce the participatory poverty treatment of economic burden of disease; three be familiar with the policy, and consider the village infrastructure and basic public services, industrial development, collective economy income and other comprehensive factors, earnestly implement various measures to reduce poverty, determined to win the battle of poverty alleviation. Welcome to participate in the home! Email: jiankangchengdu@163相关的主题文章: