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Flower shelf basin tree garden in Haikou: after the nuisance is generally not a Haikou urban road planting tree shelf basin. This is the beauty of flowers and trees, but if the flowers too thick, making people sick, this is not. Recently, some people reflect, shelf basin tree Haikou City Road on the flower, the flower incense was unbearable, we worry about the toxic species, to the garden department to respond, and in the future to choose trees, consider similar floral nuisance problems. In this regard, the Haikou Municipal Gardens Bureau responded: all members of the public to reflect the shelf basin tree flowers smell, every year the past two year, Haikou city has a little of this tree, after generally will not planting the trees. "The flower almost stinks of the food!" "I almost threw up my dinner." According to the public Ms. Xu said, a few days ago she after supper walk a long Kunlun Road, the wind blowing very strong smell made her head swim, even a little nausea vomiting. She thought it was the beginning of sewage taste, then carefully check to know, the smell of the sporadic murderer is called a roadside tree flower shelf basin. Does the flower smell so bad? September 17th afternoon, the reporter found in the city when visiting, the public complaints stink tree in Haikou Longkun Road, Po Xiang Road, beautiful garden road and other roads on both sides of the planting, tree height of 3 meters to 10 meters, the crown is relatively large. A tree full of yellow encrusted branches, very good-looking. A flower to smell, smell relatively thick, make it difficult for some people to accept. Shop in long Kunlun Road, Ms. Chung told reporters, the green trees have been planted for many years, every year around October flowering, flowers are spicy, very unpleasant, especially at night, the smell is worse, smell uncomfortable, do not know on the human body have what effect. Why do you want to plant this tree? For the people of doubt, deputy researcher of Haikou garden bureau member Yang Shengxian said that the public to reflect this kind of tree is called "shelf basin", also known as "gum tree", because of the milk can be refined cachou material named. It is understood that the basin is a common tree shelf tree, early in Haikou as well as a number of domestic cities are widely planted. This tree has many advantages, such as strong wind resistance, canopy stratification, shade, good appearance, tree open like an umbrella, has good permeability, can reduce the impact on pedestrians and drivers of sight. "On the shape and other aspects, the basin shelf tree is a very good line landscape tree, but the drawback is that the flowers are too strong." Shi Youhai, associate professor of horticulture and landscape architecture at Hainan University, said that the flowering period of the is generally in 9-11 months, each flowering period of about 10 days, when the bloom is relatively thick, it is difficult to accept. Shi Youhai suggested that the city should be on the shelf basin this species used in some people quite centralized roads or areas, such as schools, residential area is best not to the tree, "otherwise Xunde people can’t sleep sleep." What about the poisonous tree? Shi Youhai introduction, the shelf basin belongs to the Apocynaceae species tree, the leaves and the milk has a certain toxicity)相关的主题文章: