Forecast Lotto 16130th period Lord magima active – Sohu-helmet怎么读

Forecast Lotto 16130th period: Lord magima – the Sohu active review Lotto 16129th lottery number: the former district: 0708193035: 0809, the characteristics of posterior area before the number size is smaller than 3:2, the parity ratio of 3:2, and a value of 99, a span of 28, issued after the even odd combination of 0809. The recommended number comprehensive recommendation: 0309121617212931 + 02030405 0312172131 + 0205: a singled out the area before the analysis of 1, size ratio: the ratio of the size of the open 3:2, missing 4 and lottery friends. The recent small number of dominant, this period pay attention to small code size than the recommended priority, 2:3 missing 2 appeared. 2, parity ratio: the parity ratio of open 3:2, every appearance. Odd odd phase code slightly dominant, this issue is concerned about odd code active, recommended parity 4:1 missing 23 out. 3, three: three ratio district on the ratio of 2:1:2, the two district near stage number turns cold, a district heating area three smooth, rebound, the main two areas bottoming out, recommended three area ratio of 2:2:1. 4, tap: the period of leading out of 07, 1 yards across the stage appeared, it is worth noting that the 0 code has been dormant for 4 period did not show up, this period pay close attention to 0 codes on positive recommendation award, leading 0309. 5, Phoenix: the period of Pteris out of 35 odd yards, Pteris even period appeared recently, even on higher frequency code Pteris award, the Lord magima force, recommended 2931 pteris. The back analysis on issued after all big even and odd combination of 0809. Size, the whole big combination of 3 consecutive appearances, this promising small portfolio appearances. Parity, even odd combination missing 4 appeared, this period can be concerned about even odd combination continued open; recommended 02030405.相关的主题文章: