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Forget the compact sedan, the car is not so expensive – Sohu car around 150 thousand, this price range is often a lot of prospective owners are included in the compact car car range, however, who do not want to spend less money to get more affordable? According to the market price guide, medium-sized car prices are often more than 200 thousand, but to the dealer 4S shop at discount could make these home business and in front of the car also has a 15-20 million affordable price, see the car tips today, from the 150 thousand into the hands of the car is not a dream! Mazda NO.1 a Tezi official guidance price: 17.58-23.98 yuan market: 16 thousand cash discount in almost all the car will have space, luxurious configuration, as the main melody of his time, Mazda did not take the unusual way, born with a sports cell it alone will Teli passion and control as its label. As the mid Tezi change models, only 2017 listed Tezi a month ago, fresh warm it appearance and the old models have no difference, is still the erotic soul moving language family, before the interior also changed the old image become more young and energetic configuration is a very small the temptation to upgrade, the whole system comes standard with LED headlights, electronic handbrake, keyless start and other high-end equipment and utility function to enhance its comprehensive strength is not small. Excellent steering wheel grip and precise pointing is the key to provide excellent driving pleasure for a Tezi daily driving soft early adjustment can easily filter out small bumps on the road, after a large bump, after the suspension period still retains the proper support. Give the driver confidence. Although 2.5L Chong Chi blue engine parameters than the common 2.0T engine behind many, but it is to accelerate the achievement of 8.14 seconds per hundred kilometers is very brisk, up to 13:1 high compression ratio can easily use 92 gasoline and fuel consumption per hundred kilometers only amazing 7.69L. NO.2 Nissan Teana official guide price: 17.58-29.98 million market: the highest straight down 28 thousand said Mazda is a passionate player, and many bosses are most concerned about when it comes to comfort, that certain non Nissan Teana is. Shortly before the listing before the new Teana, is full of highlights. The new V-motion front, before a change of old Teana harmless "and" Uncle style complex lines and significantly enhance the sense of three-dimensional face more fierce, let it have the same strength up to the hearts of young consumers. Open the door, is entirely another breath, leather collocation control wood trim, light atmosphere, good bring out a calm style home. The big and soft "sofa" like seat is always unique weapon of nature, the new Teana is still the case, soft leather, support and good package, plus the back of large space, can be described as a solution to worry about 1000 ah! 2.0L, 2.5L two naturally aspirated engine with CVT gearbox, the temperature is not fire smooth power transmission R相关的主题文章: