Former senior agricultural enterprises to steal genetically modified corn seeds in the United

The agricultural enterprises in the United States top stealing transgenic corn seeds was sentenced to 3 years in prison on October 5th local time, the United States Department of Justice announced that due to alleged theft of U.S. genetically modified corn seed, the theft of trade secrets, the former Beijing DaBeiNong Technology Group Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "DaBeiNong", 002385) employee Mo Hailong was sentenced to 36 months imprisonment prison. Mo Hailong, aged 46, with Chinese nationality, has been granted permanent residency in the United States (that is, the United States has a green card). Mo Hailong previously DaBeiNong International Business Director, former assistant president of DaBeiNong headquarters (according to DBN’s official website shows that in March 2013, Mo Hailong also served as the post). It is worth noting that Mo Hailong is the founder and chairman of Shao Genhuo wife DaBeiNong Mo Yun’s brother. Mo Yun has also been detained and prosecuted for theft in the United states. Including DaBeiNong into areas: health care, animal feed, seed, plant protection, bio feed, pig etc.. According to New York Times, the Wall Street Journal reported previously, the seed theft can be traced back to 2011, when the United States Iowa DuPont Co (DuPont) security staff found in the research farm, a few China man lying in the corn field, "is kneeling on the ground, digging" suspicious appearance and movements. Subsequently, they report to the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI). FBI launched a year or so to monitor and investigate. In addition to one of them, when other people are DaBeiNong or its affiliated Beijing golden China Agricultural Seed Company (hereinafter referred to as the "golden China Agricultural") employees, including Mo Hailong and Mo cloud. Mo Hailong (left) in December 2013, Mo Hailong was arrested in Florida home in Boca Raton, another five Chinese citizens charged with theft of trade secrets crime, but has not been in custody. In July 2014, Mo Yun was arrested in Losangeles. Subsequently, the United States District Court for the Southern District of Iowa to conspiracy to theft of trade secrets of Mo Yun and Mo Hailong filed a lawsuit accused in the cornfields of Iowa to steal seeds and sent back to Chinese for analysis. According to the Iowa Southern Federal District Court indictment, Mo Yun participated in a "five years" plot, steal the Monsanto Company (Monsanto), a subsidiary of DuPont Co (Pioneer Hi-Bred), a pioneer seed corn seed development and LG Seeds and other companies, and the United States. DuPont Co corn seed also mentioned in the indictment, Mo Hailong and other alleged conspirators in 2012 had tried to put about 113 kg of corn seeds, sent by FedEx to Hongkong. They also put corn seeds stolen, hidden in the microwave popcorn packing box and Subway (Subway) restaurant napkin, and then packaged into the luggage, and through Chicago to fly to Beijing flight check. However, due to the electronic information dialogue can not be used as evidence and other reasons, in July 2015, the United States, a federal judge ordered the revocation of the United States on behalf of the u.s.. In January 2016, Mo Hailong pleaded guilty in u.s..相关的主题文章: