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Health Discovering how to build muscle fast is the dream of every young boy as he is growing up. And of course, once we get to the girl watching stage we really want to build muscle fast! I remember reading the .ic books as a young boy and seeing all the ads for Mr. Atlas trying to get us young ones to talk our parents into buying the techniques to build our muscle fast. Never could get my parents to send in the money so it wasn’t until I was 57 years old that I finally decided to give one of these programs a try. And I have not been disappointed. Below are four tips I have discovered on how to build muscle fast. Tip #1 on how to build muscle fast is to get started. I know that should be a given but believe me I waited for almost 50 years to get started. No I have not be.e Mr. Atlas. I have however, lost my belly fat, or love handles as my wife called them, and the hanging flab on my arms is gone and they are now solid. So get off of the couch and get going. Tip #2 on how to build muscle fast is to follow a program religiously. Get yourself a routine and stick to it. Repetition is important in changing your habits. Building muscle has to be a lifestyle change or you will not succeed. The e-book I bought was essential in getting my mind adjusted correctly so that I could build my muscle fast. And when I say "build muscle fast" I do not mean overnight. It will take a couple of weeks to start seeing results but it will be worth it all. Tip #3 on how to build muscle fast is to begin eating right. A proper nutritional diet will do wonders for not only your muscle building but also your all around health. Recent science reports have said that having belly fat after you are forty can lead to dementia and a number of other major health issues such as heart disease and diabetes. Proper nutrition and a good exercise program will do wonders for your health. It sure has been a boom for me and at 58 years young I am in better shape now than I was ten years ago. That is important to me as I desire to ride my HD Fatboy motorcycle as a fit and trim old man. Tip #4 on how to build fast fast will require you to add more force in lifting. You don’t want to start out too fast but you will want to add heavier weights in your routine as soon as it is possible. Rather than doing 4 sets of 5 reps with 30 lbs push it to 60 lbs and do 1 set of 12 reps. the more you push your muscles to the breaking point the quicker you will build them. However, you must be careful that you do not over train! Give your muscles a chance to recover. You do not need to lift heavy weights every day. I only heavy lift three times a week and then I do some aerobic stuff the other days. I want to not only look a little buff I also want to be healthy. I hope these four tips on how to build muscle fast has been a help to your success in building your muscle. You can do it to, young or old, the methods I found in the e-book I purchased worked wonders for me. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: