From October 1st onwards, Zhengzhou botanical garden will cancel tickets free of charge –

From October 1st onwards,   Zhengzhou botanical garden will cancel the ticket free opening – Henan branch network – People’s network yesterday, the city garden bureau held a news briefing that, from October 1st onwards, Zhengzhou botanical garden canceled tickets, free for the public. Zhengzhou botanical garden is located at the intersection of the West Central Road and the West Fourth Ring Road, 500 meters south, the east of the Fourth Ring Road, the north of the flood control road, and the total land area is 861.84 mu. It was opened to the public in October 1, 2008. There are more than 1500 kinds of plants and more than 10 kinds of plants in the park. Earlier, the gate ticket was 10 yuan, and the exhibition greenhouse ticket was 15 yuan. Since October 1st, all are open for free. Taking into account the management problems caused by increased passenger flow, from October 1st to the end of this year is the transition period. Meanwhile, the gate opens from 6 to 18 every day. Starting next January 1st, 6 to 22 o’clock every day. Tropical plants exhibition greenhouse and basin garden open from 9 to 17 every day, every Monday closed Park maintenance. In order to ensure the stable and orderly passenger flow during the national day, the tropical rare plants and small activity space exhibition greenhouse are reserved for admission, that is, visitors receive tickets on the spot, and visit each other in batches, with a limit of 3000 passengers per day. (reporter Pei Qijuan) (Xin Jing and Xu Chi: commissioning editor) 10月1日起 郑州植物园将取消门票免费开放–河南分网–人民网   昨日,市园林局召开新闻通气会宣布,从10月1日起,郑州植物园取消门票,免费对广大市民开放。   郑州植物园位于中原西路和西四环交叉口向南500米,西四环以东、防汛路以北,总用地面积861.84亩。2008年10月1日建成向市民开放,园内有各类植物1500余种10万余株。此前大门门票为10元,展览温室门票为15元。从10月1日起全部免费开放。   考虑到客流量增加带来的管理问题,10月1日至今年年底为过渡期。其间,大门每天6时至18时开放。明年1月1日起,每天6时至22时开放。热带植物展览温室和盆景园每天9时至17时开放,每周一闭园养护。   为确保国庆节期间客流平稳有序,对热带珍稀植物较多、活动空间较小的展览温室采取预约入园,即游客现场领取参观券,分批次入内参观,每天限量3000人次。(记者 裴其娟) (责编:辛静、徐驰)相关的主题文章: