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Fu Yuanhui and his hand on love? Asked smiling without a word, people.com.cn Hainan windows, people.com.cn Beijing time on September 28th morning, welcome to the Zhejiang Olympic Games and Paralympic athletes triumph and celebration in recognition of the General Assembly held in Zhejiang Province, the Great Hall of the people, Sun Yang, Fu Yuanhui and many other Zhejiang Olympic athletes attended the ceremony. After the end of recognition of the general assembly, Fu Yuanhui was holding hands out of the hall, and the actor was the national swimming team teenager Li guangyuan. Li Guangyuan, a Chinese national swimming team, was born in February 27, 1997 in Zhejiang, Taizhou. Li Guangyuan is one year younger than Fu Yuanhui, who was born in January 1996. In recognition of the General Assembly ended, he has been holding the girl Fu Yuanhui hand out. When a reporter asked whether the two people together, Fu Yuanhui laugh without words, and did not respond. Fu Yuanhui has released a micro-blog wrote, "where is my baby? For four years, the time has passed. Be sure to feel the beauty of the world. Haha happy!" Micro-blog pictures in a photo with Li Guangyuan. Then Li Guangyuan forwarded the micro-blog wrote, thanks to Lee coach and sail sail sister carefully taught, Li Kezhu is the time to lose weight!" (commissioning editor Liu Yangyang and Chen Haiyan)相关的主题文章: