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Fu Yuanhui Yajin war game and then hot search for is expected on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala? + sports reporter Tan Yanjianan reported four annual Swimming Championships will be reignited in Tokyo war in November 17th, but in the period after the Olympic Games, the game is not high heat, at least not well-known athletes outside the news, this is not, led China swimming army Fu Yuanhui played again in Tokyo for her not hot search list, but two championships and does not take the world news: "Hong Huang girl" is expected to debut in 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, and her singles day in Guangzhou to attend the Jinan University South Campus exchange. 15, network news: Fu Yuanhui unit – Zhejiang sports Career Technical College last week sent a letter to CCTV, I hope the school agreed to Fu Yuanhui in the 2017 CCTV Spring Festival gala. And then the news has also been confirmed by the relevant person in charge of the school: from the perspective of the unit, in the case of normal training does not affect the consent of her participation in the Spring Festival gala." But after the news, has been active in the social platform Fu ye did not respond. Fu Yuanhui and Liu Xiang attended the event. In the few days before the day, 1111 day, Fu Yuanhui and Wu Minxia attended a meeting of the South Campus of Jinan University in Guangzhou. To communicate with you, Fu Yuanhui bluntly sports is painful for her, no happiness, but it has already become a part of her occupation and life, but also for the country and their own glory, so she must try our best to stick to it. Fu Yuanhui said that any good results must depend on sweat, tears, effort to get. "No life is good. Some people say that I am famous for good luck, but no luck, every successful person in the place you can not see the hard work." Fu Yuanhui attended the event rich expression. The Rio Olympic Games, Fu Yuanhui with the words "I have used the power", and her rich expression package overnight explosion of red, Fu Yuanhui said this, she also wanted to change the character, because unlike others, will be pushed, irony, cold and ridicule. But in the process of change, she found that the change is even more difficult than insist, "sitting dignified, laugh grin, I tried, really dead. I believe that a lot of people like me, because they do not get enough support and love, had to force change, but this change seems to be amputated." So she wants to do not affect the people around, do not hurt the premise of others, to do the most comfortable. The new campus sports sports + forces and influential man contest has started, welcome to download sports + entries more exciting, please pay attention to sports +APP相关的主题文章: