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Fujian special rectification of serious traffic violations today until January 19th next year, the news network November 20th (Strait Metropolis Daily (micro-blog) reporter correspondent Xia Yuqing Liu Junhua) recently, our province spate of overload truck and motorcycle accidents caused by overcrowding, many accidents caused by the casualties of students. To this end, the Provincial Public Security Bureau from now on the deployment of the province to carry out a unified rectification action, increase the intensity of serious traffic violations. According to the Provincial Traffic Police Corps informed: October 22nd, Quanzhou Quangang special structure of heavy trucks and two motorcycles (overload 1) collision accidents, resulting in 3 deaths, the deceased are middle school students; in November 11th, Fuzhou Fuqing medium-sized dump trucks and two wheel motorcycle (overload 1) collision accidents, killing 3 people; November 13th. Quanzhou Yongchun heavy trucks and two motorcycles (unlicensed overload 1) collision accidents, resulting in 3 deaths, of which 2 were middle school students; November 15th, Longyan Liancheng 2 car without a license for two wheel bicycle (respectively by carrying 4 people and 2 people) collision accidents, causing 1 deaths and 5 injuries, both for middle school students. Road traffic accidents Qunsiqunshang to effectively curb involving trucks and motorcycles, to ensure that the province’s road traffic safety situation continued to improve, the Provincial Public Security Bureau decided today to January 19, 2017, in the two months to carry out a serious traffic violations special rectification. During the rectification, will focus on examination of heavy truck, motorcycle, electric vehicles, fuel Bicycle exceed the standard; focus on wine (poison) driving, overspeed (field exceeds the speed of 10%), the overload of more than 30%, involving licensing related evidence, and reverse driving, in violation of the provisions of the super car (will), illegal U-turn and driving assembly, scrap, overdue inspection of vehicles, motorcycles, overcrowding, not wearing a safety helmet and other illegal activities. Large traffic flow, chaos, accidents and guoshengdao main road, urban road, illegal multiple point, disorderly intersection, campus, large factory entrance and surrounding the main road for the inspection of key road. (channel network)相关的主题文章: