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Fujian: syndicated cooperation speed   for youth entrepreneurship; more than 30 special loan varieties spread in the province – Fujian channel — people.com.cn original title: Fujian: syndicated cooperation for the rural youth entrepreneurship speed from Fuzhou venture guy Tung Wei is now a living advertising organizations and banks "". The history of the development of every foreign company, he has not mentioned a key words: syndicated cooperation. In 2013, the Jinjiang that is located in Chinese shoes electricity supplier business park for young entrepreneurs to provide policy support, Dong Wei took twenty thousand yuan start-up capital to Jinjiang to start a business. Entrepreneurship at the beginning of the difficulties encountered: due to the use of cash settlement shoe enterprises, each year in January began to shut down, to wait until after the 15th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar will start. In other words, if the electricity supplier practitioners do not advance stocking, will face the embarrassing situation of goods can be sold. In order to make the loan, even thousands of yuan, Tung Wei did little to run, and often run astray, "but boduantui no results". "Not local people, one does not know people, two no guarantees." When talking about the loan is difficult, Dong Weiyou a stomach sour. After the boil in pain for a year, he was ready to give up the business even mentally and physically exhausted. After that, the Jinjiang Municipal Corporation and Jinjiang agricultural firm approached the door, for the syndicated cooperation project one of the "Yi loan" for Dong Wei, with 100 thousand yuan loan support, and help him in December 2014 registered Jinjiang South Trading Co. ltd.. The spring of 2015, Tung Wei, finally an ample supply of shoes, made his first pot of gold. In 2015, Dong Wei not only won the loan support, also received the public welfare fund of Jinjiang youth entrepreneurship interest subsidies. The fund is a nationwide number sponsored by the county League entrepreneurial welfare fund, the cumulative size reached 10 million 580 thousand yuan, for youth entrepreneurship loans, small loans to support directional quality youth entrepreneurship and innovation projects. Now, Tung Wei company’s business scope covers Tmall, Jingdong and other electronic business platform, the average daily number of shipments reached 300 to 500 pairs, the aspiring Tung Wei also gave himself set a target platform for the whole year sales reached 20 million yuan. According to reports, "the wing -" youth entrepreneurship project is funded by the Jinjiang Municipal Corporation, Jinjiang rural commercial bank and the Jinjiang branch of PICC cooperation launched. In addition, the local also explore to support young entrepreneurs "Jinjiang experience", innovation (Jin Yika), a credit card (Jin Yidai), a fund (Entrepreneurship Fund) youth entrepreneurship financial service mode, arrangement of more than two hundred million yuan of credit funds to support young entrepreneurs, promote employment and entrepreneurship number over 10 thousand people. In 2010, Fujian provincial Party committee and Fujian Banking Bureau jointly launched the first nationwide syndicated cooperation mode, from banking financial institutions in the county League to select outstanding young cadres attachment, key service of rural youth employment and entrepreneurship, training a group of young rural rich leaders, boosting the rural grass-roots group construction and grassroots poverty alleviation. 6 years, Fujian has selected 6 batches of 341 banking financial institutions of young cadres to 58 counties (cities, districts) to hold the post of deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League of the county League)相关的主题文章: