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Fukuda passenger car business division was established to release a new brand Logo11 10, Fukuda car held in Beijing, the cause of the establishment of the ceremony, and released its passenger car brand strategy and brand new Logo. This also means that, following the beginning of the launch of the passenger car brand, after the way, Foton once again accelerate the pace of development in the passenger car market. Futian Futian Automobile passenger car has become the core business strategy group, including MPV, SUV, CUV, Pickup four business category, which owns Beijing Futian Road, Savannah, gamma (the extension of land are mixed with, pictures, inquiry) three products brand. Among them, the way the brand in the passenger car market in addition to the listing of the IX series of products, will also launch im series of products. The future, Futian by three brand car’s will have to focus on the way of IX, Im, gamma is committed to build science and technology, are the wisdom of the family car; located in the field of sports car Savannah; and the extension of land are focused on multifunctional pickup area. Futian passenger car brand new Logo used by other shields, Shuangshi, crown (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), about the lion, Logo had been used in the way of IX series of products, now officially became the Futian passenger Logo, Savannah and other passenger cars will also use the Logo products. In the new Logo, peripheral shield represents a safe and refined; crown on behalf of noble and fighting spirit; the left lion represents rigorous, dedication, symbol of quality excellence; on the right side of the lion represents passion, vitality, innovation symbol of technology. In recent years, the commercial vehicle market has become increasingly saturated, in the automotive industry has continued to decline, in this environment, the domestic commercial vehicle market "big boss" Futian Automobile also consecutive decline in net profit to the passenger, transformation has become an inevitable choice. In January 8th this year, Foton Motor released its five years, invested $6 billion to build a new passenger car brand – Beijing Futian Road, and launched its two models ix5 and ix7. For the future of the way, Foton has a grand plan: the way the car will be committed to build a million passenger car brand, in 2020 sales target exceeded one million, the company’s sales contribution reached 30%." Futian passenger car business group director Wang Shuhai introduction, Futian Automobile Group Integration of global innovation resources, currently has three R & D center in Beijing, Shanghai and Japan, and has two Futian Automobile Industry 4 demonstration bases in Shandong and Guangdong, passenger capacity of up to 800 thousand. According to the strategic planning of Futian Automobile Group in 13th Five-Year, Futian Automobile will be the next stage of development will be combined with new energy, pure electric, plug-in hybrid car, the car and the Internet as the main line, continue to adhere to the transformation and integration of the 12th Five-Year growth, development strategy and innovation of the Internet car. To 2025, the proportion of its new energy vehicles and Internet vehicles accounted for more than 50% of the total. At the same time, the future of its models will also achieve remote service, diagnosis, rescue, auxiliary driving, cruise and other functions, and ultimately the realization of Foton driverless.相关的主题文章: