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Business Academic transcription is an art of converting spoken format of words into text formats by capturing all essence that was expressed while speaking. It also deals with challenge of converting one format of content to another; e.g. hand written format of thesis or dissertation into digital text formats. Academic transcription also refers to transcription of lectures, discussion and other debates that are held in schools, colleges and universities wherein the outcome is used for academic objectives. Academic institutions like schools, colleges, universities and human resources (teachers, professors and students) that are accountable for maintenance of excellence of these institutes would also require and appreciate academic transcription services. Academic transcription helps them record current materials and research outcomes for future reference, study and analysis. Introduction of audio recording into academic arena has opened up huge opportunity for learners. Students have always appreciated and valued historical academic recordings & references that are from past and provided to them. Transcribed academic contents have proven to be a boon for people with hearing impairment and learning disabilities. Even for an average student, academic transcription reduces his time consumed towards taking notes as they will get it ready made. Academic transcription is consists of; Focuses Group Transcription: For such kind of transcription, both audio and video tapes can be taken as sources. In case of video, as a source, it becomes easy for transcriber to identify who is speaking what, and accordingly identify while transcribing. Seminar Transcription: Seminar transcription can be either single-speaker seminars OR multi-speaker. Such transcriptions are generally distributed among like-minded professionals for further analysis. Thesis/Dissertation Transcription: This can be called as highest level of transcription in terms of academic interest – usually for and by students of Ph.D. programs. By and large such transcription consists of dissertation/thesis materials given by students into text formats. This is particularly required by Universities to certify students was pursuing particular subject. Lecture Transcription: If one or more people deliver an address to set of audience who may also participate in the session, it can be classified into lecture or speech. It can be further classified into round tables or panel discussions. Transcription of such events are particularly helpful to people who are absent in the live discussion but are required to give their insights and judgments. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: