Fuzhou harbor light tricyclic bridge at the Abbey Road was covered with mud road fence-aizi

Fuzhou harbor light tricyclic bridge at the Abbey Road fence was covered with mud road Fuzhou harbor light tricyclic bridge fell on the road by the garden muck filled with mud Hoi reporter Zhang Zhihong Lin Danwen) a road map just built, ready for approval, but in yesterday morning to more than and 10 cars long carriage, forcibly removed the construction around the stop, stop the personnel on duty, more than ten cars fell in the mud muck road along the garden. This road is located in the Fuzhou harbor light tricyclic bridge, road engineering name "Fuzhou city comprehensive renovation project of harbor light 11 tenders (61 Jiayuan to Ocean Road)", for the construction of Fujian Dongxing construction engineering company. Yesterday morning, the company construction personnel to reflect this reporter when the sea is a face of helpless. As the road has just been completed and has not passed the inspection, the road on both sides of the surrounding block, in order to prevent vehicles from entering. Reporters saw yesterday morning, on both sides of the enclosure were destroyed, scattered on the side of the road, along the road to the 61 garden direction, on the side of the garden piled up a pile of mud muck, laying in the road ditch on the cement cover is also a vehicle rolling off the mud pile directly on the road, the original black the asphalt road full of mud. According to the workers on duty at the scene yesterday morning, the incident at 2:40 in the morning, he was patrolling the site, you will see a few people off the road side of the enclosure, put a dragon in a carriage, the Dragon carriage down the road, a car will be loaded directly unloading in the garden in the mud. He quickly stepped forward to stop, the 3 men immediately come to rely on, he shouted furiously away. See each other a lot, he had to walk into shelters on duty, to call the person in charge of the construction, but because it is early in the morning, no one answered the phone. Yesterday morning, the person in charge of the site was rushed to the police, Jinan District Sports Bureau immediately dispatched law enforcement personnel to the scene forensics, and monitor the transfer along. Preliminary investigation of law enforcement officers found the scene, enter the road unloading waste garbage all dragon wagon, a total of more than and 10 cars, partially block the plate, the law enforcement officers are doing further investigation, once verified, will be in accordance with the relevant regulations, penalties for littering the slag discharge behavior of soils.相关的主题文章: