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Fuzhou Metro Line 1 5 stations today can remove the enclosure to normal traffic enclosure after the demolition, street pavement paved, mark line has been painted on the street up green, planted trees   Strait news network September 27th (reporter Wang Hoi     Lin Chengwen Bao Huatu) in recent days, a lot of drive through the South Gate pocket people found on the road to the original subway walls have been demolished, drawing on the new pavement markings, the road spacious up again. Reporters yesterday from the Fuzhou Municipal Construction Committee was informed that the current line No. 1 South Gate pocket station, Pingshan station, as the peak station, XiuShan Railway Station, station road of quanta sections enclosure have been demolished in the 5, pavement restoration work has been completed in the morning today, normal traffic. Compared to the Fuzhou municipal government formulated in September 30th to complete the goal, 3 days ahead of the road. In recent years, the city of Fuzhou opened a new pattern of construction, Metro Line 1, has moved to build 2. At the same time, the subway block on the road traffic efficiency has also been affected. Starting this month, Fuzhou opened 3 months of urban road construction construction of special focus on retaining. 817 segment two-way six lane street to the northern section of Metro Line 1 Weidang road also to the people’s work, the municipal government attaches great importance to a clear time node. Fuzhou deputy mayor in charge of urban construction Yang Xinjian also visited several sites, on-site coordination to solve the problem. Previously, section 817 Road South Street (South Gate pocket to Dongjiekou due to the construction of the subway construction), and the underground space narrow lane, often appear congestion. In recent days in the middle of the night, this section of the road are in the final asphalt paving, will be fully restored two-way six lane traffic today, of which the motor vehicle lanes for the four. According to reports, along the street to the South Gate subway station and around Dongjiekou station, now demolished all the subway enclosure. Yesterday afternoon, reporters saw the sea floor to the street in the Aetna mouth section, motor vehicles, non motorized vehicles, the road pavement restoration work has been completed, the vehicle can smoothly pass. "We will work overtime, 27 in the morning to complete the designated traffic marking." The construction site responsible person said, this also means that, today, 817 Road South Street section of the road will be fully restored to traffic. The reporter also learned that, in addition, Metro Line 1, Pingshan station as the peak station, XiuShan Railway Station Weidang had also successively removed, and recently completed the road back to work. Among them, as the peak station, XiuShan Railway Station is located with the Xiufeng Road, pavement construction on the central green belt, the original 6 meters down to 3 meters of green belt. Make room, along the road Xiufeng increased two motor vehicles. The original closed section of quanta road today re open to traffic 2014, with the subway station construction, the road to the road of quanta Xuejun road began closed construction. Quanta road therefore become broken road, this road has been unable to pass, but also to the surrounding residents caused some inconvenience. These days, although this period of about 300 meters of the road is still in the enclosure, but the enclosure is the final asphalt paving and signs marking. On both sides of the sidewalk,.相关的主题文章: