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Fuzhou: the number of real estate sale checked off illegal Deposit Charges suspected reporter learned from the Fuzhou Housing Authority, to strictly regulate the property market behavior, the day before the Bureau in conjunction with the Fuzhou municipal real estate registration and trading center, the Municipal Price Bureau, inspected the Fuzhou five district and Minhou County, 67 in the sale of real estate a number of projects are not found the site announced the availability of real sales status and other problems. Fuzhou City Housing Authority official said, from the inspection point of view, the overall sale of the property in accordance with the law in accordance with regulations, there is no serious violations, but also found irregularities and some irregularities. Mainly includes three aspects: one is not in the sales hall prominently publicized the "five card book", a price of a room and houses a real sales table 39; two is in the Sales Department of advertising prices are expected to rise 25; three is no pre-sale permit, the existence of illegal storage charges there are 4 suspects. Aiming at the problems found in the inspection, the Fuzhou Municipal Housing Authority on the spot ordered rectification, issued a rectification notice 17 copies; at the same time, focusing on interviews 60, interviewed 12 key enterprises engaged in real estate development, briefing the inspection, supervision and timely rectification in place. In addition, there are also the storage charges and cover Xishou suspected of further investigation of individual projects.相关的主题文章: