Geely 30 years to push the car to take the new model of Internet automatic driving technology 4 wetnwild

Geely 4 years to push the car to take the new model of the Internet technology has been proposed Geely Automobile strategy, now only about 2020 years away from its implementation of the strategy of less than 5 years. Netcom agency learned from Geely official, "Geely Automobile 20200 strategy" has been officially released on the 5 of this month: Geely Automobile Group in 2020 will achieve annual sales of 2 million vehicles, entered the world’s top ten automobile enterprises, and become the most competitive and respected China car brand. President of Geely Automobile Group (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and CEO An Conghui (click to view the latest news figures): according to the "20200 strategies" planning the next four years, Geely Automobile Group will launch more than 30 new products, products will be involved in cars, crossovers, SUV, MPV in each category, covering from A0 to the B level in all market segments, to meet the needs of different market positioning and. Adhering to the strategic direction of safety, health, new energy, the Internet and automatic driving, Geely Automobile is committed to become the leading technology trend to meet the market demand for new car companies. Today’s automotive market consumer groups tend to be younger, the product towards intelligent, interconnected, sharing and other aspects of development. Geely Automobile in Europe in October 20th released a new brand LYNK& CO, the brand’s models based on Geely and Volvo cooperation in the development of CMA architecture. Geely Automobile Group had a clear positioning of the Geely brand will continue adhering to the "make everyone’s boutique car" brand mission, strengthen the "positive, scientific and technological quality" brand image, to become known and consumer favorite Chinese automobile brand leader. And LYNK& CO as a European research and development, European design, global manufacturing, global sales of high-end brands. With the advantages of the CMA platform, the new brand models will be active safety, vehicle networking, new energy, automatic driving and other security technology configuration. Design, the world’s leading product quality, the Internet and new energy technologies, as well as the unique business model, will enable the new brand in direct competition with the global mainstream brands, Geely Automobile Group to promote opening up new market segments, and entered the markets of developed countries. At present, the situation of Geely Automobile Dealers in the dealer construction, Geely Automobile Group will continue to optimize the channel construction, planning in 2020 reached 1750 dealers scale. By strengthening the sales team and the ability to enhance the dealer team, so that consumers get a pleasant and enjoyable user experience when buying a car.相关的主题文章: