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Home-Appliances Dehumidifiers How do they work? We are aware of the fact that ‘too much of anything is bad for health.’ Too much of stress is bad for your health, and so is too much of drinking or fast-food. The list is endless. Another important element which should be included in this list, is too much humidity. Too much of humidity and heat can lead to breathing issues and skin problems. A dry air dehumidifier acts as an effective tool, to tackle this issue. The excess humidity levels (optimum levels being about 40% to 50%) in the atmosphere is removed by dehumidifiers, preventing moisture from getting accumulated in your house. When does the need for a dehumidifier arise? Besides causing health problems, high levels of dampness in the air are disastrous for your household. Don’t wait for these problems to play havoc in your home before you take the decision of purchasing a dry air dehumidifier. Read some of the warning signs below, which will imply that you need to install one at the earliest: Musty odours overwhelming your household, especially in cramped places like the basement, small rooms or garages. This is actually the smell of fungi and mildew, caused by damp air. Water vapor condensation on windows or glass furniture. Development of moulds in the bathroom – on the ceiling, around the bath or toilet areas. With the high humidity levels in the bathroom, the chances of mildew and fungus being present there are increasingly high. Health benefits of dehumidifiers in India Air with high levels of moisture accounts for many health issues, like breathing problems. However, after installing the dehumidifier, you can rest assured of no sicknesses occurring in your household since the air and humidity will be appropriately controlled. Cleaning of a dehumidifier Once installed, dehumidifiers in India must be cleaned on a monthly basis. The functioning of a dehumidifier is such that it accumulates standing water in it. You need to make sure that all such water is discarded, lest it leads to some serious and unnecessary side-effects. Eventually, algae and bacteria from the standing water will contaminate the air. I’m sure you don’t want to face such issues. Though an air conditioner and dehumidifier have similar functionalities, unlike its counterpart, the dehumidifier does not drain out the water. Take the effort and make sure to keep this machine clean, to experience a fresh, safe and healthy environment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: