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Inspirational What is the one thing that you really have to be to be successful in life? You need to get over yourself and be.e a leader. Thats right a leader. Perhaps you dont feel that leadership is for you but if you want to succeed it is important that you do just that. You think, being a leader is very difficult. Well it actually isnt as hard as you think. It takes some new thinking and a new attitude to be.e the best leader you can be. Leadership coach and pastor John Maxwell is one of the leading coaches on leadership. He has written over 80 books on the subject and he is almost 70 years old and still writing them. I would say he is an expert. One of the things that he says you need to have is to be a good connecter with other people. He wrote a book called Everyone .municates, Few Connect back in 2010. In this book he talks all about how people .municate. You can .municate in many ways but the best way to connect with others is to make it all about them. Whether you are in a one-on-one setting or in a group or speaking to an audience you must make it all about what you can do for them. Many speakers go into a situation thinking about how they are going to impress an audience. Toastmasters give awards for best speaker every time they meet. I wanted to be the one who won the award every single time I spoke. I made it most of the time, winning 13 times out of 22 speeches. Thats a pretty good record. But after reading John Maxwells book on connecting I find that I would rather connect with my audience than work to win the ribbon (dont get me wrong, I still like ribbons). How exactly do you make it all about them? John talks about how he returned to the small church where he began his career years later. Of course many people in the congregation had left but there were still a quite a few that had stuck around. He made it a point to go through old photos, find out about each one of the people that were in the church when he was there, and to connect with them is a special way by having a special dinner just for those who were there when he was there. He then connected with the others also. It made everyone feel special. Thats how you truly connect. So get over yourself and start making everything about others not you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: