Get Your Ex – Girlfriend Back – Why You Are Having A Hard Time Getting Her Back-lara fabian

News-and-Society Do you feel like you have tried anything and everything that you can to win back your ex-girlfriend? Do you want to know what really works to win her back? Most guys kind of reach a "breaking point" where they just end up frustrated and at their wit’s end in terms of what they can do in order to get her back. Before you end up banging your head against the wall, you have to really look at what works to get your girlfriend back the RIGHT way and to see what you may have been doing wrong. It’s easy to kind of have a tunnel vision where all you see is that you are doing what appears to be the right things to win her back, yet, from an outside perspective, you can see that you have not been doing the right things. So, let’s get right to the point of what does NOT work in order to get her back: 1. Trying to buy back her love through gifts like flowers and jewelry. This is pretty standard for a guy to do. They mess things up with their girlfriend and they bring her flowers or a new necklace or a bracelet as an apology and they assume that she should be taken aback and fall into his arms again. Yet, trying to do this only looks like you are trying to "buy" your way back into her heart and women are VERY resistant to this. 2. Trying to manipulate her mind into .ing back to you. This is usually the trick of last resort that a man will try and win back their girlfriend and you know what? It’s one that you should avoid at all costs. If a woman thinks that you are trying to win her back through manipulation, you are not going to be seen in a good light at all. Manipulation almost never works and for most guys, this will be the final nail in the coffin of the relationship. Don’t even bother. 3. Not knowing what triggers REAL attraction with a woman. We know what to do in the beginning of a relationship, usually just by instincts. But, when a relationship ends, as men, we usually haven’t got a clue about how to re-ignite that flame with her and trigger real attraction, the kind that gets over just about anything. If you really are serious about winning her back, then you have to know what triggers female attraction. Copyright (c) 2010 C Tyler About the Author: 相关的主题文章: