Go twelfth round Chen Yaoye to capture Pu Tinghuan South Korean foreign aid 4 wins and 1 losses-爱多vcd

Go twelfth round Chen Yaoye to capture Pu Tinghuan South Korean foreign aid 4 wins and 1 losses in the game Chen Yaoye sina sports watch action figure chess in September 10th, 2016 Jin Cup National Chess League zhanba twelfth, Chen Yaoye and Pu Tinghuan help beautiful Liqin, CITIC Beijing team 3 than 1 defeat the leader of SUPOR Hangzhou. Kija beat Mi Yu Ting MicroHand bursts, help Yunnan Baoshan Yong Zi Lectra Huatai Securities Jiangsu team. In addition, Jin Zhixi, Jiang Dongrun, Li Dongxun, Cui Zhehan, Zhou Ruiyang, Tan Xiao beat energy-saving, Sun Tengyu, South Korean foreign aid 5 people played 4 wins and 1 losses. In September 12th thirteenth round fight will continue to go. CITIC Hangzhou leader SUPOR away against Beijing team, Pu Tinghuan will battle Chen Yaoye, offensive been ineffective, then failed to from the top of head, bilge number see small gains. Chen Yaoye turned and calm, has established a sure thing. Teammate Tuo Jiaxi, Zhong Wenjing, Wu Guangya beat even laugh, to help Beijing 3 to 1 victory home court. Yunnan Baoshan Yong Zi against the second ranked team Huatai Securities Jiangsu, Ke Jie and Yu Mi Ting will battle, Yu Ting blocked into MI has been forced to work, and take a series of kija MicroHand potential, establish active safety operation in one fell swoop, then steady result. Teammate fan Yin beat Tong Mengcheng, Chen Xiaonan, Niu Yutian, Zhao Chenyu to Huang Yunsong, the Yunnan team once again opened the "kija +" mode, 2 more than 2 wins will cut 2 points. The bottom of the Zhejiang Yunlin chess Zen against third ranked Chongqing real estate team, Jin Zhixi and Tan Xiao pedestria, Tan Xiao Yi has been out of hand, Jin Zhixi transported backward situation under the smart cut angle, Tan Xiao in the abdomen, resorted to the winning hand, but with little success. Right on the number of sub Jin Zhixi MicroHand gains the victory, but he cannot clap with one hand three teammates Zhang Tao, Hu Yu, Zhou Hexi and Li Xuanhao were lost, the letter of Yang Dingxin, Wang Xi, the Zhejiang team again 1 3 lost to Chongqing, relegation pressure alexander. The Chongqing team took 5 straight winning stamina. Ranked fourth in Wuhan’s industrial bank against the Chengdu team, Li Dongxun and the ancient, fierce battle to last half victory over teammate Hu Yuefeng, the same semi eyesight escapement Dang Yi Fei, Gu Zihao Kuaiqi victory Liao Yuanhe, Wuhan 3 to 1 victory over Chengdu. Shandong Jingzhi wine Bailei Huaqiao against ranked second Hebei Olympic team, Zhou Rui start to fall into a passive, then failed to seize the opportunity, Jiang Dongrun to take the position, belly laughs last troop. Ding Shixiong to Ding Hao, Hebei team than the 2 wins 2 points 2 will gain valuable. In addition, after the training, Xu Jiayang, Tao, Meng Tailing, Tang Weixing readily beat Chen Zhengxun, help Minsheng Bank Beijing team 3 to 1 victory over Zhuhai Wanshan team, the echelon war intensified. 2016 cup of Jin Weijia League 13 round of the September 12th days after Monday, against the following (team first): CITIC Zhejiang   Hangzhou – Wuhan – Shandong     Chengdu; Hebei – Zhuhai – Yunnan’s     Jiangsu – Chongqing. 2016 cup of Jin Weijia League twelfth round: Zhejiang Yunlin chess Zen   1-3  &nb) Chongqing real estate相关的主题文章: