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God. Wang Kai Wang Jiaer cited the mutual hilarious combined vertical flag- Sohu Wang Kai fancy entertainment beat Wang Jiaer     Sohu entertainment news "we fight" in the broadcast last night seventh. The six men of God came to Guangzhou Changlong wildlife zoo, staged a "crazy zoo" drama, panda, sloth, toucans, lizards and other full debut, catch a crocodile, snake, red and animal race difficult challenge waves hit. Came to the zoo in the men of God who had heart big hair, the second party; among the six men of God more and more familiar with the show "mutual dislike" fancy daily, dialogue and interaction between God and God causes laughter, viewers have said "is a four year old children in the slapstick," please love to forever".     22 "Baotuan" team Wang Kai "tricks Wang Jiaer flag"     the period of opening male gods through game 22 Baotuan into three groups, Jing Bairan and Bai Jingting "183 combination" fancy show legs, Wang Kai and Wang Jiaer’s "double king" than the heart and the Jam Hsiao and Yang Shuo sell adorable, "lamb" funny crunches, male gods all kinds of funny performance let the audience amazed. This also allows the combination of fresh men of God who had different chemical reactions, the original white and Jing Bairan stay adorable Jingting combination, also began to "subtly malicious" on the line, and all kinds of bad action again and again staged; subwoofer Yang Shuo and Jam Hsiao together, also began to fancy sound stirring up a birthday song, a change the past serious and steady image.     Wang Kai and Wang Jiaer’s funny combination, in the first phase of the program will be on the line, the audience applauded again and again, and in this period two people began to take a homonym for "death" in the name of himself, indeed, two people after the game had many failures, users hear combination name could not help but comment that "who told you flag so early". In addition to the rough challenges and two journey make people laugh, they favor everyday is to let the fans excited, Wang Kai in front of Wang Jiaer completely into a good brother, accompany him to photograph the alpaca and camel feed, and all kinds of care, and show "Princess" – but not jealous, also have said "after Miss Wang Jiaer pet!" Technician second party "Dui" God Daily cited comedy     to challenge thrilling previous period, this period saw the zoo came to the adorable male gods have relaxed a lot, opened the garden mode, sit on a bus at a cute animal who repeatedly sigh, also all flashing curious small eyes, to find the elephant at all, feeding the birds, to feed the bears, and even had forgotten their mission. Even in the face of ferocious crocodiles, men of God who are happy to play together, but also the courage to use "tease" the crocodile meat. In the answer session, usually composed of men of God who are beginning to like the kids in the kindergarten, pulling each other slapstick, the audience could not help but commented "you only four years old, no more!"     along with the show相关的主题文章: